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Re: Difference between Psychic and Spiritual Messages
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 19 February 2013

Hello Allan

I am sorry it has taken so long to get back to. Regrettably I have two problems, one is I take time and consideration before I reply; the other is simply time restraints and my very busy schedule. Anyway, let us look at your question.

You mention you are in a ‘Developing Circle’. A question to you is it a closed, or open circle? If it is the first, I am surprised you couldn’t get the answer from you ‘circle leader/tutor’. However, if it is the latter, my advice would be to steer well away from the ‘Open Circle’. The environment of the ‘Open-Circle’ is not an ideal place to develop your capacity, fraught with problems and open to any form of negativity. The subject you seek is rather lengthy, so to help you understand a little more I have added a “Footnote” for your attention, with further reading about ‘Psychic or Spiritual Gift’ on my website, also placed below.

I wasn’t present when the medium conducted his demonstration, so my thoughts are only assumptive. Even so, I see no reason why a medium would want to mention the link as either psychical or spiritual. My only thought is a little showmanship came into play. There is no need to go into details or depth, the role of the medium is simply – pass the message, nothing more, and nothing less. Mediums are only instruments, for conveying a spiritual message, to help someone. The trouble today is the glare of the mass-media, egos, and self-delusional. All far away from the ‘Golden Elysian Days’ of the great mediums like Gordon Mons Higginson, Maurice Barbanell, Emma Hardinge Britten and my spiritual teacher Jack Corbett. I am sorry to say there isn’t a medium around today who is in the league of these stalwarts of spiritual communication. In this day and age, the attraction of fame, fortune and notoriety takes away the true message, clouding the whole essence of intercommunication between the ‘Two-Worlds’. Spiritualism, in my view, is on one side becoming too mainstream religion, and on the other side, beset with trinkets and the sideshows of the psychic and thrill seekers - oh for spirituality, common-sense, understanding and humility.

If you seek any further information may I suggest you take a look at my website www.stephenwakeling.com at the bottom of my website click and on “Articles” and you will see a couple of boxes, again, go to the bottom of the page, go into “Page 2” and you will see the full article on this subject entitled ‘Psychic Ability or Spiritual Gift’.

I am not saying that you should believe every words, just do has my old spiritual teacher said: “accept and reject at will”, and find your own truths.

In Light and Peace


Footnote - ‘Psychic Ability or Spiritual Gift’

The article commences with: There is without doubt, a significant difference between the abilities of the psychic and the depth of spirituality attained within the gift of mediumship. Each has their own part to play, whilst featuring in the rich tapestry of life. Indeed, there are many forms of sensitivity. See link below.

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