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Mediumship or energy healing?
Date: 18 February 2013

Dear Stephen Wakeling

I would like to ask you some question about mediumship and healing because I am not sure in which direction I should go.

I can feel that I would like to help other people, I would like to help in healing processes. I spend a year in solitude and meditation and could made some "abnormal" experiences.
I would like to be in contact with the spiritual world, with other beings so that we can support each other.

But I dont feel that I want to be in contact with beings, like family members or friends who passed away for the reason to transfer information to people who are still alive.

That it is not.

I am more interested in peoples personal spiritual growing, I am interested that everybody can open to be happy in their life, that they can manage a life and integrate them in society so, that they feel fullfilled.

That everybody can develope their own skills and enjoy the life.

I would like to coach them and give them the necessary knowledge, and the other thing is, I would like to support the whole process with energy healing.

To solve old patterns, blockades and help cleaning...

For that I would like to be in contact with the spiritual world.

know it is not me, who is doing that, and I dont want to do it. But I want to help and get in connection. You know what I mean?

I also want to mention that I am very sensitive and I get a lot of information about how people feel, even if they dont talk about it.

I know it. My senses are very intensive, but often I feel overwhelmed and would like to have some explanation, or teaching in that. Because I dont know always what that is...

Lots of what I feel for belongs to the term of healing, but there are also some things who belongs to mediumship.

I can imagine that there are not separated, but I dont know in what I should make an education.

I can not just go and explore...make some workshops and stuff...

It goes to deep in the money pocket :-)

So I just want to ask your knowledge and objective opinion.

What do you think would the best thing to do?

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