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Re: Animal spirits
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 9 February 2013
In Response To: Animal spirits (Todd)

Dear Todd

Thank you for your question; unfortunately I am a little late in my reply, owing to my usual busy schedule at this time of year. Well, an interesting, and rather different, kind of enquiry, one that looks into the natural interaction between humans and the natural world of animals.

Without doubt, animals have an inbuilt capability, aptitude to understanding of how to communicate in a more natural way than the humans, who have difficulties with interacting in the material environment we all live in. Because of the way the human species has developed, we have attached to ourselves many ‘restrictions’, which the animal world hasn’t. Animals see and sense, in a far less cluttered way, than we do. Animals are aware long before we are, of often unnoticed vibrations, threats, or concern built within their highly evolved, instinctive and attuned capabilities. This sensory capacity is often correlated into an animal’s aptitude to sense good or bad; as such, sensing friend or foe. What you explain is natural, though nowadays a far rarer occurrence. I doubt if the situation hinges on spiritual issues, though there is a link in the manner in which the bird is attracted to you.

There are specific ‘Natural Laws’; one is ‘Change’, though your question infers another, ‘The Law of Attraction’. We know it happens within the framework of human interaction; nonetheless the same ‘law’ comes into effect with the animal kingdom.

I am not sure whether there is a sign. I would suggest you look upon this situation as a wholly natural one. Obviously, the bird is attracted to you. The reasons for this may be many, though I believe the core reason is because there is a correlation through thought and positivity. If I were you, I would be honoured and pleased. The bird sees no threat; clearly the signals (perhaps to you unseen, not to him) are all positive. The bird would have no fear; with animals, when this happens, you have a real friend, no hang-ups, no complexities and no fixations. The love from the animal kingdom is one of unconditional love. I would suggest you enjoy it while it lasts, both now, and within the reflection of your mind in future days.

Kindest thoughts and Peace


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