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Re: Blue Lights
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 22 December 2012
In Response To: Blue Lights (Sarah Jane)

Hello Sarah Jane

Thanks for your question. Sorry for my late reply, but this time of the year is hectic for me with spiritual meetings, weddings and sadly funerals. Anyway, I have had a long hard look at the content of your question, which has more than one element, though everything hinges upon one thing - simply lack of spiritual understanding and knowledge. Let me explain a little more? The first sentence you refer to a Reiki Practitioner. Regrettably, I am not well-versed with Reiki, even though I am a ‘Spiritual Healer’, I can give little, or no feedback on the subject. But, ‘spiritual healing’, is a different proposition, which in simple terms is a process where ‘gifted’ individuals are able to transfer of energy, through their hands, or minds to another person, all undertaken by those who are qualified practitioners. If you require further information on Spiritual Healing; I suggest you look through the pages of ‘Spiritualist Resources’, there are many fine exponent of this wonderful gift.

I note with interest the mentioned ‘semi-spiritualist’. This is somewhat confusing terminology to say the least. Why you may ask? Well, you are or you are not a Spiritualist, you are either all or nothing! The word ‘blue light’ seems to have caused concern. Peculiar to say the least, all it is is an energy field, possibly the person was aware of energy fields of the Aura. There are four separate ‘Auric Fields’. The one I believe you refer to is a part of the ‘Mental Aura’, depicted through the annals of time as a glow of colours or ‘Gloria’ emitting from the general area around the head or shoulders. Perhaps you should look on the pages of my website for further information and detail on this spiritual subject. The colour ‘blue’ that you mention, depending on shade, or depth, depicts the movement of energy at one point in time. However ‘blue’ generally is a colour appertaining to inspiration, spirituality or in darker tones can fall into awareness of sadness or even depression. Appreciation of movement and changes in colour(s) is the consciousness of the integral workings of spiritual or psychic awareness and interpretation.

Now let us look at the cold shivers and the metal barrier. All of this is down to lack of knowledge and understanding of spiritual matters. Fear is built upon lack of knowledge, and your words echo the emotions of apprehension, doubt and fight. If you had understanding, training and insight, you would realise there is nothing to fear but fear itself!!

I will ask you a very simple question - If you had a toothache, would you ask a passer-by to give you dental treatment? I am sure the answer would categorically be NO! So, why put your spirituality into the hands of someone who hasn’t the comprehension, realisation and expertise to help you? Perhaps, it is down to all of this silliness associated with ghost, ghouls and things that go bump in the night, where the problems rests. There is so much nonsense and hogwash spoken nowadays, no wonder people are confused. Those enlightened people in the great ‘World of Light’ are not working to build fear; they seek to help, support, and comfort by taking away the shadows of doubt and darkness. Our companions in ‘light’ wish only to help to build the bridge between the ‘Two-Worlds’, by giving love, peace, hope and insight, to those of us, in this temporary home within the ‘World of Earth’.

Now let us look at the point you speak about where you are saying you could loose your ‘soul or be taken over’. Again, to this I ask why? It is nonsensical - there is no purpose for this to happen. The people who reside in the next world interact with us here in matter for a reason, simply to help to improve this world, mankind and the fellowship of humanity. Nothing is by chance, there is always a reason, life follows a natural process; some like me, see this as ‘divine’ by nature. Mankind has been inspired, through every discipline since the dawn of time, as we know it, through art, literature, politics, poverty, wealth, health, education etc, etc. There is nothing destructive or harmful, only a society of people who often through our minds, without us even noting it, to help guide and support the footsteps we all take on the cycle of life.

In conclusion, your last paragraph makes known one important word: LIGHT. A real positive thought through the gloom of doubt. Light is the ‘key’ to inner-peace and illumination. You have moved forward, and yes, we all have psychic gifts. Now seek out a qualified person, perhaps one at a Spiritualist Church/Centre in your area, gain awareness, seek light - take away darkness and win through to the illumination of the soul. It really is worth it..........................

Seek a bright future through spirituality

Showers of Light and Peace



The Natural State

The ‘Natural State’ is the energy field identified either by objective or subjective clairvoyance. The colour identified existing around a person, signifies either the present situation, or situation (conditions) around that person. The colour within the ‘Natural State’ like the Aura does not provide an insight in the future and doesn’t foretell forthcoming events.

Natural State awareness is an ideal platform for a new student developing their spiritual faculties. The process is suitable for an insight into awareness of both the ‘Mental and Psychical Auric Fields’; this in turn presents a key for the identification of potential and spiritual opportunity whilst signifying the present state of a person’s material situation. Positive or negative vibrations are identified and an insight is provided through the interpretation of the configuration of the colour(s) observed.

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