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Re: My grandfather John
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 15 December 2012
In Response To: My grandfather John (Bobbi)

Hello Bobbi,

Your question resonates with numerous enquiries I have answered for Spiritualist Resources, and many of these issues you raise fundamentally relate to the natural process of grief. Perhaps if you look at my past answers you will soon grasp the simplicity of spiritual intercourse and knowledge.

I am sorry to hear about your sad loss, particularly when you mention there was a period of suffering involved. It is always painful when, within the landscape of your own thoughts, exists personal misgivings or unanswered questions. Unfortunately the answer to your question lies within your own being. It is not possible for a single person, medium or not, to be in contact with everyone, irrespective of them being resident in this world, or the next. It is your own thoughts that interconnect with your own loved-ones and this is the starting point for anyone to build any links, spiritual or earthly.

From you words, one would presuppose your own feelings are coming to terms with grief; the process of peace will start to take away the shadow of sadness, sorrow and mourning. There is no easy fix, but a step-by-step, gradual progression that for some people is relatively short in the measurement of time, for others, it may be longer. It is all about coming to terms with you own personal feelings and emotions, whilst grasping the realisation that everyone whose life ceases in this world of earth have taken a small step out into the eternal reality of peace in a world of illumination and tranquillity.

In conclusion, all I can say is that the ‘World of Light’ awaits us all, it is a heartbeat away. This realistation is one that gives peace to those of us who are seeking enlightenment. For the rest of humanity, the concord of understanding comes through the continuity of all life forces as we understand it, becomes apparent at the point of physical death.

Seek your own inner-peace and the shadows of doubt will melt away like a snow flake in the sun and harmony will fill your heart.

In light and fulfilment


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