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Re: Unanswered questions
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 2 December 2012
In Response To: Unanswered questions (leslie)

Hello Leslie

I must confess this is one of those very difficult questions I occasionally receive. May I explain more? I draw your attention to the reference “no investigation was done and the authorities”. The wording infers to me there could be a situation of a misdemeanour, or a refracted point in Civil or Criminal Law. One has to be aware that points of law are within a system of rules and guidelines enforced through social institutions and governing bodies. I am not a lawyer, nor a practitioner in this discipline. For that reason I can only answer on this point you raise about spiritual matters that appertain to the interaction of the ‘Two-Worlds of Earth and Soul’.

What I can say is that any person, at the point of physical death, moves from one energy field to another. In some instances where there has been trauma or difficult circumstance prior to physical death, on entering into the ‘World of light’, a period (of time as we would understand) is given to support, healing adjustment is given. Peace comes to all souls. I use the terminology of this world “time” wholly as a method of measurement. In the next world there has to be in some way measurement, from one-point to another. Once one enters into ‘light’ opportunities abounds, and this is the portal through which mediums interact. Often it is difficult for people to effectively communicate, even in this world, so one can imagine that it is not easy for our loved ones who have passed over. Nevertheless, there are spiritual mediums throughout the world. I gather you reside in Texas; if so, there are Spiritualist Churches and Centres in Huston, San Antonio and Austin. I believe you will be better placed going along to one or more of these affiliated churches or centres. The reason for this is simply because they are recognised places where like-minded people meet, and who understand the interaction of the ‘Two-Worlds’.

Even though my spiritual work has taken me to the United States of America, my own gift works at its optimum level through face-to-face interaction. I am sure you will find a person(s) who can help you further with your question. For my part, all I say is that whilst in First United Spiritualist Church, Gardena, Los Angeles, after a morning ‘Service’, I undertook ‘Private Readings’’. In particular, I undertook readings for two ladies, who both had family members killed in violent situations. Their loved ones were able to pass over evidential information to me. As such, they were able to confirm their continuity of life. On that particular day, it was the first time one of the ladies had stepped foot outside of her door for two years. Now she has closure and a reason to move forward again. On this occasion, I just happened to be the right person at the right time. There is always a medium, whom the ‘Spirit World’ are capable of communicating through. I am sure your search will take you to meeting such a person, who will come into your life, for now you have taken a major step forward.

I have attached a list of Spiritualist Churches and Centres linked to the National Spiritualist Association of Churches in the USA where on: www.nsac.org there are many others. I would suggest you look through the many pages of ‘Spiritualist Resources’ though I would advise you not to look at people who work within the ‘Psychic or Fortune Telling’ fraternity. There is nothing wrong but they work in a different specialism. You are looking for proof of the continuity of life, and this is the domain of the Spiritual Mediums. There are many gifted people in the United States of America, I wish you well.

Peace and Blessings


Spiritualist Churches Associated with the National Spiritualist Association

Contacts in Texas

First Church of Divine Science
2115 Turner Street Houston, TX 77064

First Spiritualist Church of Austin
4200 Avenue 'D' Austin, TX 78751-3719


Louise Schultz Memorial Chapel, NSAC
7150 W Interstate 10, The Thomas Jefferson building of the First Unitarian Universalist Church

P.O. Box 762231 San Antonio, TX 78245

Spirit Lights, NSAC
12655 Woodforest Ste 530 - Houston, TX 77015
Shirley Williams, Secretary
PH: 713-451-4476 FX: 713-451-4796

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