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Re: Spirit in my bedroom
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 2 December 2012
In Response To: Spirit in my bedroom (Marlyn)

Hello Marlyn

Thanks for the question, to which I will give you a totally honest answer. My reply is based upon my own comprehension, understanding and experience, inclusive of the limited information you have provided. As such, the content of my answer is assumptive. This may seem an unexpected response, but in simple terms, I was not present at the time and place where you saw a spirit person, as such all I can give is an honest assumptive theoretical reply.

From your words, the ‘form of spirit’ you saw was that of a lady, who came into your line of vision and energy field. The lady could have been a passed family relative, a spiritual companion (often referred to as a guide), a complete stranger, or a person who was calmly going about her own business, in brief, a inhabitant from the world beyond this one of earth. When one ‘objectively’ sees someone from the ‘World of Light’, for the untrained eye, there may often be the smallest glimpse. Why is this you may ask? Simply because energy, interacting between the two-dimensions, may be low, impeded, or hindered owing to your spiritual development at that point in time.

I am a believer that every ounce of energy required for spiritual contact, from our friends who are now in light, is priceless and precious. In addition, one adds into the equation, whilst taking the standpoint: “nothing happens for nothing,” - all things happen for purposeful reasons! I am inclined to believe the person you saw was not by chance; if this had been the case, you would have passed the notion out of your head long ago. More, I feel spiritual contact was made, so that you were made aware of situations beyond the physical, thus your quest has taking you into unfolding your spiritual realisation.

In conclusion, I’m sure you may still ask the question, Why I do not know who you saw. All I can say is, no single person, spiritually developed, or not, sees and understands everything. This is the reason that all I can provide is an indication of who you saw. Perhaps you should start to enquire from your own spiritual companions. Open your inner-self and seek from within, for one thing is sure, you will find the answer you seek.

With thoughts of spiritual understanding.

In Light and Peace


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