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Re: How can I find out if I am able to help people as a medium?
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 22 November 2012

Dear Barbara

Thank you for your interesting question. My first impression is that your words resonate with a vital ingredient for anyone who has aspirations for mediumship. The element I speak about is common-sense, something which is not so common.

To start with, you need to be ‘gifted’; after you have this established, you need to unfold your gift and start to develop the elements that will allow you to reach your capacity. The basics are quite simple, the reality of fulfilling your capacity is fraught with pitfalls, opportunities and constant work on improving your ability. Without doubt you will need to find a ‘development group’, this in today’s climate is not easy, because there are schools of thought that are polar-opposite from the religious to the nonsensical. I believe that spirituality (the life blood of humanity) is the balance of spiritual understanding, a fulcrum for an individual to reach higher levels of enlightenment. On the road to mediumship, you will find challenges that will extend you in all directions, up’s and down’s and lots of time to analyse your inner-self. It is important not to be too critical, learning never ceases. Sensitivity is fundamental for opening anyone’s mediumship work. The next step is to find a ‘teacher and mentor’; they don’t have be great or famous mediums, though they need to have discipline, knowledge, understanding, experience and of course common-sense, all linked to your own feeling of ‘is this the right person for me’. This is a question for you and your spiritual companions, though you will know in your heart.

You mention hearing things! I presume you mean hearing spiritually? There is a tried and tested way of finding out, described by the famous medium Doris Stokes: “If you hear something again and again then you know its source is from the world of spirit”. Trust in yourself – easily said but harder to do. This is why you will need to gain knowledge and structure, to aid you. I would advise going to spiritual workshops. Not too many, or you may get confused, and like anything there are good and bad, knowledgeable and absurd. The workshops that are best for your unfoldement are the ones where the course leader gives input and allows participants every opportunity to take the lessons and put them into action. The word action refers to giving messages, using sign and symbols and learning elementary skills of presentation, delivery, pace and steadiness. Like all things there is trial and error, building, extending and opening your gift slowly and carefully – there is no rush. Always try to remember, no-one is ever fully developed, the more you learn, you will feel the less you know - purely a natural condition, effective in all of life’s disciplines.

I have worked spiritually in Germany, and also people from your beautiful country, who like yourself, seek to develop their mediumship. In the United Kingdom, USA, or other parts of the world, there are lots of opportunities to gain spiritual comprehension. Unfortunately, in Deutschland there are very limited openings. I have directed people over to Scotland, in particular Portobello Spiritualist Church in Edinburgh on: www.portobellosc.org.uk, the Edinburgh College of Parapsychology www.edinburghpsychiccollege.com, and of course there is the Spiritualist National Union (SNU) on: www.snu.org.uk. The choice is yours look through the many pages of “Spiritualist Resources”, read books, or surf the internet. A ‘Golden Rule’ is to accept and reject at will, what fits you is vital. Finally, listen to your inner-self; build links with your own spiritual companions in ‘light’ and step forward.

I wish you well on your journey of self discovery.

In Light and Peace


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