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Re: my dad
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 18 November 2012
In Response To: Re: my dad (simon)

Hello Simon

It took me sometime to find a connection with my reply to you, until I went back through the many answers I write for ‘Spiritualist Resources’. Well it may have taken a while to find your original question, but I got there eventually.

I am sorry to hear your father passed into light in such tragic circumstances. I mentioned in my previous reply, for all of us, there is no easy route to finding the answers we seek. However, the solution to all things is through ‘inner-peace and spiritual unfoldment’; there are no short-cuts, because it will take effort; at least you have stayed to move forward, and spiritual awakening will now follow. But, be aware it may take a short-time or a lifetime of effort and spiritual development to gain the equilibrium of life. It would appear from your words that your father had a difficult physical life, one which I find not uncommon particularly in this hustle and bustle physical world.

You mention being able to make contact with your dad. Irrespective of how, or what state of affairs come into play or indeed are prevailing when a person moves from one-dimension into the next, it doesn’t stop the opportunity for spiritual interaction. Sadly within the spiritual or psychic backdrop, there are those who make outlandish statements that add confusion to what is natural. As you describe, if a person takes their own physical life, in general there is reason for this course of action, which in many cases is a cry for help. People who have survived suicide attempts have given an account wanting not so much as to die, more as to stop living, a strange dichotomy, nevertheless a valid one. If something in the middle of state of mind existed, which offered some other alternative to death, one may suspect numerous suicidal people would take it. For the sake of all those reading who might have been left behind by someone’s suicide, I have researched into general reasons why people feel that suicide is the only option left. They are not as intuitive as most think. Generally there are six reasons for people to attempt suicide, they are: depression, psychosis, impulse, cry out for help, a philosophical desire to die, or a mistake. One thing that will happen is that a society of enlightened people in the ‘World of Eternal Light’ will welcome home those who have had the misfortune of any of my previously mentioned sad situations. Twaddle given out by the foolish that lack knowledge is ludicrous, stupid and ill-advised. Your father would have met those he loved at the moment of physical death, and in many cases just prior to the transition from one-energy to another.

You say your mind is open to spiritualism and you invite your father to make contact with you. To this end I would suggest you look for a local medium, or go along to a ‘Spiritual Meeting’ in your area. I just answer questions for ‘Spiritualist Resources’ in a logical common-sense way. I am afraid that is all I have the time to do. Unfortunately I cannot be in contact with everyone who has passed into the next world, even if I could it is not an option that is possible - we all have our restrictions and I thank the ‘Great Spirit’ for this. There are many good, honest and competent mediums all over the world. Yes, there are frauds, charlatans and many who are egocentrics, yet if you seek there will be someone who will help you along the pathway of this life. Nonetheless, your journey is moving forward. As says the Bible: ‘Seek and you will find’, only a few words but wisdom for those who wish to gain the great gift of – understanding! These other words may help; they are from the Lebanese-American artist, poet and writer Khalil Gibran 1883 to 1931; he said: “Faith is knowledge within the heart, beyond the reach of proof”.

I hope these few words help? I am really sorry that I do not give individual messages, it would be beyond the possibility and realistic function of my gift and would simply open a floodgate – one I would not be able to sustain and would be unrealistic.

Showers of Blessings

In Light and Peace


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PS Footnote please look back over the words I sent to you from the teachings of my mentor Jack Corbett I am sure they will help you has much as they have me.

The Inward Search

Your entire material world is but a symbol of something beyond the physical. Every part of it is there, because of some inner-spiritual cause. As you look at the face of nature, you are looking at a series of ‘symbols’ that stand for deep spiritual-truths and if you search inwardly you will find a rich lesson to be learned from everything you see around and about you.

This wonderful truth is given to you to absorb, look after your innermost soul-self, and we who reside in light shall see that in time you will make contact with the higher forces of the spirit. Use your efforts to visualise the reflection of the energy of the spirit, as it is moving about you and is being placed in its right order to equip you for gaining spiritual communication. Making sure there is movement between the two-energy forces, because nothing can stop such a natural development. It is assured that the good and pure, which goes out from our world to you, will fund a true and safe harbour in your life as you work for the upliftment of your spirituality and service to mankind.

If you seek for your own answers the forces will be now set into motion, attracting higher forces to you and giving you that inner peace you seek. Go forward and onward with your spiritual unfoldment until the time comes when through your mind, you will realise, all that you spiritually desire.

Harmony of the soul will give you greater access to your mind and in time, those loved-ones in light shall win through.

Adapted for you from the Teachings of Jack Corbett (1910 - 1991)

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