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Re: my dad
Date: 13 November 2012
In Response To: Re: my dad (Stephen Wakeling)


firstly i would like to thank you for your words.

writing to you was the first step i have taken in what i hope is a short journey to find some form of answer to my original question of " will it work for me".

the main reason for that question was actually because my dad took his own life and i am unaware as to weather that makes a difference in terms of his ability to speak through someone such as yourself or not.

my mind is open to spiritualism and i invite my dad to contact me anytime anyhow but clearly i need someone like you to allow this to happen so i invite you both to help me on this journey.

Stephen is there an option for you to be the link between my dad and i ? how would we start this process ?

if there is no option due to time or geography then is there a medium who you would recommend for me ? maybe someone who is in my part of the world which is oxfordshire..

i have left you my email so please feel free to use in your reply

yours hopefully


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