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Re: My pet passed to otherside 2 weeks ago. need answers. Who can help!
By:Mary Ann
Date: 13 November 2012

Dear Stephen,

I want to Thank You Very Much for taking the time to express such Kind words at this time in my life. Yes it's very hard to go on without her right now. She was such a Wonderful Girl. I guess I could of taken it better if she crossed to other side on her own. It was that hard decision I made to take her to vet when I did. Her Kidneys failing and Cancer, very anemic she could only lift her head but she still wanted to eat and drink I would help her lean up so she could, lost her bowel and blatter.I stayed with her the whole time. What hurts the most was seeing her face and she gave out a very weak meow it took everything she had to get that out. I think she was trying to tell me not to do this. She looked afraid. But I went ahead anyway and told her Doctor will help her. I can't get that out of my mind. I took such good care of her for 18 years and then to have it end this way she deserved better.

But with your words I know she is in a better place and out of her pain and suffering. I just wish I could hear from her that she is OK with me taking her and how it ended. Again I want to Thank You for your time and caring words. What a Beautiful Soul you are.

Thank You Stephen,
Mary Ann Hutchinson

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