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Re: My dog
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 7 November 2012
In Response To: My dog (Jennifer)

Dear Jennifer

As a pet owner for many years I am very sorry to hear of your very sad loss of your dog Buddy.

Time and again, the love one holds for a pet can be greater than for a person. People who are not pet lovers would find this hard to understand. But, there often exists a natural easiness within our emotions when linked to the animal world. Like you, I have seen many family pets leave this world, generally through old age. Without doubt, memories of loss of my pets are sad and upsetting. Akin to other pet lovers it is emotional to say the least. The love of a pet dog, cat or other animal is founded upon total and unconditional love. I am led to believe that some people have a special bond with reptiles, though I must confess I personally have a deep rooted phobia of reptilians; even so, they are all God’s creatures. Love still holds the bond that unites all things, and the bond is still strong after a pet has left this earthly world. Undoubtedly your own dog ‘Buddy’ will still be with you, supporting and giving what the animal world carries out best, to give absolute love in its clearest sense.

Though you say you are not a believer in the ‘spirit’ stuff, you mention quite a few times about experiencing something. The bell ringing at a door no one uses. Your three year old son telling you that your dog hadn’t gone, the importance of the time (7.15) one month after your dog had passed into ‘light’. You say you haven’t experienced anything spiritual. Personally, I would say you have had quite a few nudges, or more to the point prompts. May I refer to a detail which is in quite a few of my spiritual answers, an old saying from my spiritual teacher and mentor - Jack Corbett? Jack would say, “some people do not believe anything, unless they actually see it with their own eyes; it is fortunate that though we cannot see the air we breathe, we have greater fortune that on a frosty night we can!” If seeing is only when we believe, perchance we should get a little faith. One needs to look to find, at least your question has started to open this facet of your mind. The mind is the gateway to all things. The mind is the portal where loved ones, ‘pets and people’, move to make contact and reassure us about the continuity of life for all time.

You comprehend that all living things have an ‘Aura’, which is an electro-magnetic force field of energy. It says in the natural science of physics (the word coming from the Ancient Greek - ‘physi’ meaning nature) that energy ‘cannot be killed’, or destroyed, it simply changes. All of humanity and our beloved pets are subject to change, and change happens to us all, when we leave this world and enter into the ‘Golden Light of Eternity’.

A year ago our family had the same sadness you are experiencing, after our Persian cat, Bart, passed into ‘light’. Over the years we have had Chocolate and Yellow Labradors. Now all we have is a rather ageing Chocolate Labrador - Chester and an equally ageing Red Persian called George. Though I have opened my spiritual capacity, I must confess I do not relish the day when they have completed their earthly journey and they must leave this world and move forward into eternity. Even now I have fond memories of my childhood black and white cat ‘Tibby’ who was my cat when I was a small boy. However, I have since seen them all again, through my spiritual gift of objective clairvoyance. Yes, as real, as real can be! Alive yes - and awaiting the day when I must leave this world. All of my pets are like your own dog Buddy, just a small step away in the ‘Eternal World of Light’. The bridge between you and your pet is not through the grief and trauma you are feeling now; it is through the bond of love you developed together over the years. Grief is an expression of your love, and love is the bridge between the Two-Worlds, the link that will keep you together. Buddy will be well, cared for and awaiting you, when eventually you, like all of us, have completed the earthly cycle of physical life and entered into the ‘Realms of Eternity’ - together again at peace – and for all time!

Perhaps you may now open your spiritual capacity to support the bridge of love that unites the two great worlds. But first you have to start believing. Sorry I can’t do this for you; it is a personal matter, though when you do, the enlightenment will illume you for all time. Perhaps one last thought? After our Chocolate Labrador ‘Roscoe’ passed into light, we looked at some photographs taken a few days before he was put to sleep at the vets. In our love for him we didn’t see the pain in his eyes. Were we selfish in wanting him to be in this world a little longer, I do not know. All the same I have seen him many times since; one particular occasion was just before my youngest son’s wedding. Roscoe and my son were very close, real friends. Like Buddy, Roscoe was just letting me know he was around – not far off, just a breath away, waiting, supporting and caring - now that is true love!!

I have attached a poem my youngest son David wrote after Roscoe passed into light. I know David still misses Roscoe, he keeps a photograph of him at his bedside, they grew together and I am sure linked for all time.

Showers of Blessings



‘The Light of your face’

Why now in my life must this story come to an end?

Our love and our friendship have lasted my friend

But still outside I must not show

The feelings of sorrow and loss that I contain below

But now is the time for me to be strong

Our lives to be separate and you to pass on

Into a world where not much is known

But, one thing is sure you will not be alone

And when I gaze up into the evening sky

The guiding light of love which was the glint from your eye

Will shine down on me and then I will know

That our sacred love will forever glow

But now in my life, this tale at an end

You no longer live, but remain my best friend

So now outside, I've started to express

The joy of your life, that god let us bless

And for every moment my soul is tuned in

I will see the light of your face, shining from within

For this is the time for me not to forget

The brightness of your life not the sadness of your death.

Words by David Wakeling

October 12th 1998

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