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Spirit/images in the house
Date: 24 October 2012

Hello stephen,
I just curious about something, I have been living in my house for over 2 years--I do believe this house is about or close to 80 years old. When we first moved in our dog would just sit a stare at the stairs leading to the basement and bark. Never thinking anything about it, I would tell him to be quiet. Earlier this year I came home with my friend to get something from the basement and as soon as she walked down the stairs she said it felt like she was punched and had the wind knocked out of her and she couldn't breath. A few days past and she was back over with her dog and we were upstairs playing poker and the dog just started barking and starring at the stairs. But know one was there. A few months later my grandson was over doing what a 1 1/2 year does, running and playing around in and out of the kitchen. All of a sudden he wouldn't go into the kitchen, he just starred and starting crying. We were looking to see what was there or if something happened and nothing was there and he wasn't hurt. Now recently within the last month. I came home shopping with my husband and when he opened the door to let me in out of the corner of my eye I saw something running/moving at the bottom of the stairs in the basement. I stood there starring for a little and continued on my day. Last week my daughter was standing a my bedroom door and said she saw someone moving around in the kitchen thats why she stopped her conversation in the middle of the sentence. She shook it off and continued on. Last night again in front of bedroom door talking to me she did it again. This time she was looking in the living room and said sorry that someone just walked past her again and she wanted to see where it was gong and then it was gone. Not sure what to think of it as I am not a firm believer in this stuff. ( No offence) but with the course of actions that have been going on and what I have seen and been told not sure what to think about it. It would be great if there is any insight that you might be able to offer.

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