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Please, I need a orientation...
Date: 22 October 2012


My name is Dante. I am from Brazil. São Paulo City. I am engineer, 57 years old.

I and my mother always had strong feelings for each other. She was teacher for children. She was very elegant and funny. Everything I did, I did to see her happy. The same she did. We were friends and fellows. We walk together. We strolled along the street together. All was colorful with her. The simplest things in life was beautiful with her by my side.

But she became sick. Year 2010. Two years of coming and goings to hospital. But I managed to deceive her and she had not much sufferings em relation to what could have had. I lost her ( September ) with 80 years old. And now I am a hollow man. I pass my days studying Spiritualism, Physics and Neurology ( this one to understand things that happened to my mother from the mental point of view - she saw people. But no medical book relates that. ).

I have never been religious. But, I have noticed that I pray for the dead people a long time.

Em February ( 2011), I felt the presence of some dead relations in the day my mother made medical exams.

About 2 month after September, in the middle of the night, I felt the touch, I different touch at my shoulder. A touch that seems like not touching at all. At the same time, I was made hard, paralyzed. Even my mouth was. My thoughts were normal. I had thought I had had an Ischemic Cerebral Attack. That lasted 40 seconds. Then, I could move normally. Next day I started to have several thoughts as if my mother was talking inside my mind. But no sound. No voice of my mother. Just thoughts from her to me. Subjects like how is the "there". I have never read anything about this subject. And kept on not reading to not deem it as suggestions. I had also thoughts from some dear relations...father,grandmother, grandfather....several people, that had long time ago passed away.

I also had strange dreams. In one of them, I was visiting a Hospital. And in a large place a saw my mother. But a knew that I had her anymore with me.....I saw her at a distance. She was near a bed. Stand up as to show she was good. No more sick and no more weak.

Other strange dreams I had. An uncle trying to help somebody in a hospital room. But someone that I not knew was already dead. In spite of not knowing who is.
As the days went by several things happened. A Mr that I did not see for 22 years ( but liked me very much ), I had knowledge that he was at a Hospital and something very strong made me to give up all I was doing and i went there to see him. He died 7 minutes after I was with him.

Other paralyzes I had. In one of them I felt my heart becoming small and small as if it were disappear inside me.....Difficult even to describe such a sensation. I was shocked with fear. Them the "bang", my heart come back to the same size.....It was like I would vanish inside me. What is it??

In February, a smell of my grandfather ( that drink too much wine ).....In the afternoon I received a notice of the death of my aunt in Portugal.

In August, I saw an old lady in my house. For 3 seconds. With detail of clothes.

Several things like that have happened.

Two month ago I was in bed, in the dark, and I saw ( not with eyes! ....a image in my mind but that was outside. It was outside but also was in my mind and at the same time as if it was not inside even outside at all....) someone inside a structure very tall, like a sky scrapper, was at the window. Too high. Someone very covered with clothes. That one was watching me. That day I had also a paralysis.

By one way or another, the fact is that all this have helped me to go on living. Smooth my days. In spite of the strong missing feeling i have, could it all be a HELP FROM HEAVEN TO ME ? COULD IT BE A HELP FROM MY OWN MOTHER ?

Here, in Brazil, there was only a medium reliable. Chico Xavier. He exists no more.

Now, casually a have come across your words in the site and liked your way very much...

Could you, Mr., tell me what is going on with me?

Best regards

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