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Re: Illness after mediumship workshop
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 11 October 2012
In Response To: Re: Illness after mediumship workshop (Simone)

Dear Simone

Many thanks for your kind reply, it not very often that I receive feedback from my answers. Having read your words I am still of the opinion that you might be better if your found another ‘Circle’ to unfold your spiritual gifts and capacity. You mention holding yourself back because of your ‘not so good’ experiences in the past. Strange response from a spiritual teacher, who should know that we all have ‘not so good’ experiences, but these are for each of us to build and grow my spiritual teacher said: “Blessed are they that gain knowledge, but more blessed are they that use their knowledge wisely”.

Regarding the point made about negative energy. Well this was a topic I answered on ‘Spiritualist Resources’ a few years ago. Basically there is ‘NO’ bad energy. Energy is energy, a word derived from the Ancient Greek - energeia, all coming from the great source of divinity; hence its composition is spiritual by nature. Perhaps, people should realise is the negative application of energy, dispatched through ‘thought and deed’ is where the problem lies. Negativity builds and so often becoming destructive because of mankind’s desire for self-centered things, for example power, wealth, position and greed. Sadly, I have witnessed this capacity for the selfish use of thought by many who profess to be spiritual. Perchance a little reference to some of the ‘Principles of Spiritualism’ might be worth reading, digesting and adhering to.

It was pleasing to hear you reference to the continual process of learning. Nobody is ever fully developed; the process is a continuum with no end, part of the journey of the soul. But you appear to have moved forward so may I pass my congratulations and wish you every success with your unfoldment and enlightenment of all things material and to add to this the support of the equilibrium of the world and the next.

With thoughts of fulfilment and light


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