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Re: mental health
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 26 January 2010
In Response To: mental health (june)

When I get spiritual questions I often have to wait a little time for guidance, information or inspiration. However, with this question my answer was almost immediate.

Nonetheless, let us take a step backwards. Spiritual, Colour, Reiki Healing and many others are all fundamentally what they are known as ‘Complementary’. Yes, there is well documented evidence of the positivity and power of Complementary Therapies. Additionally, there are countless anecdotal reports of the positive effects that have taken place. But, my advice would be to seek professional help from a physician, doctor or medically qualified person, particularly when you mention the delicate balance of the mind, low-esteem and depression.

The methods of Alternative Therapies can support the mainstream medical practices, and yes, they can help. But I must say that the diagnosis and care, in my mind and years of experience, must be placed in the hands of qualified medical practitioners.

Take care

Yours in Light and Peace


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