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Re: my dad
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 16 September 2012
In Response To: my dad (simon)

Hello Simon

I am sorry to hear of the passing of your father. Like you I was in a similar situation to you after the passing of my own father, though for me it was over forty years ago. Nonetheless, I am still aware that the process of grief is always very close to your heart. I believe grief lasts until our eventual reunion with our loved ones, when the time comes to take our transition into the ‘Golden Light’.

Without in anyway sounding as if I am promoting myself, it is documented on my You Tube videos about my own journey of spiritual discovery, which became more prevalent after my father passed into light. Sadly, for all of us there is no easy route. On the other hand, I am of the understanding that you reside in the United Kingdom? If this is the case, at least you have an opportunity to visit a local spiritual church or centre. Of course this gives no guarantee, but at least you have a starting point. All communication whether in this world or the next is a two-way process, though in general terms whilst you are in the physical world, you will need a medium to help make a reliable link, with the ‘World of Soul’. Like everything in life, there are those who are more gifted than others, however even the most famous have limitations and cannot be all things to all people. I know of people who support the efforts of others in spiritualist churches, in some cases hardly ever giving a spiritual message. Yet, on odd occasions a spirit message is passed, a message that means everything to the recipient. To the beneficiary of spiritual communication, the person who relays the message may appear to be the ‘best’, a trap that now befits many who seek fame, notoriety and fame, which in reality is a shallow chalice. My conclusion to this is for you to have an open-mind; you never know when the communication you so desire may come along. With all things, accept and reject, it may take a few visits, or a short time to receive that of which you are asking, but it may take longer. Why you may ask? To this, there is no answer, a conundrum, a challenge or dilemma that has tested mankind since the dawn of time as we know it. You will need effort and patience. Once you have found what you seek, there is no more priceless gem to be found than the knowledge your loved-one’s life has continued in light, peace and happiness.

I have amended a transcript (below) from my spiritual teacher and mentor Jack Corbett. I hope that if you look into the words in-depth you will open your thoughts, to find your own truth and peace.

I wish you well on your journey of discovery

In Light and Peace

You Tube StephenJWakeling

Postscript - The Inward Search

Your entire material world is but a symbol of something beyond the physical. Every part of it is there, because of some inner-spiritual cause. As you look at the face of nature, you are looking at a series of ‘symbols’ that stand for deep spiritual truths and if you search inwardly you will find a rich lesson to be learned from everything you see around and about you.

This wonderful truth is given to you to absorb, look after your innermost soul-self, and we who reside in light shall see that in time you will make contact with the higher forces of the spirit. Use your efforts to visualise the reflection of the energy of the spirit, as it is moving about you and is being placed in its right order to equip you for gaining spiritual communication. Making sure there is movement between the two-energy forces, because nothing can stop such a natural development. It is assured that the good and pure, which goes out from our world to you, will fund a true and safe harbour in your life as you work for the up-liftment of your spirituality and service to mankind.

If you seek for your own answers the forces will be now set into motion, attracting higher forces to you and giving you that inner peace you seek. Go forward and onward with your spiritual unfoldment until the time comes when through your mind, you will realise all that you spiritually desire.

Harmony of the soul will give you greater access to your mind and in time, those loved-ones in light shall win through.

Adapted for you from the Teachings of Jack Corbett (1910 - 1991)

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