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Re: Spirit
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 29 April 2012
In Response To: Spirit (Tara)

Dear Tara

The content within your question is a little confusing, so I have pieced together a simple answer. You mention being aware of a spiritual presence, which appears to be making some tapping noises and a door that may be open.

One of the many problems befitting many people is not one of being aware of a spiritual presence, but more of trepidation and fear. There is a natural interaction between the two great worlds, one that has happened since the dawn of time and will continue until ‘time’ as we know it ceases to be. My first conclusion would be to look for a natural occurrence; this you seem to have done, therefore it may be a visitor from the ‘World of Spirit’. You do not appear to be too unnerved, just unsure about the situation. Friends from the ‘World of Light’ are with us through our movement in this world of earth. They accompany us through the rigours and trials of life. The problem nowadays is that too much talk about paranormal activity and hauntings make for confusion. My daughter-in-law noticed a particular smell and occasional noise in my baby granddaughter’s bedroom; the association is linked to a relative - a grandmother who passed into light many years ago. Worried we are not - why should we be? I visit my grandchildren everyday if possible, so why shouldn’t someone from the great world of light and peace?

My conclusion is one where this is a natural movement of spiritual energy and nothing to fear. I gather you are from South Yorkshire, possibly the Sheffield area: there are a few good Spiritualist Churches in your area, just look in the local press, or check out: www.snu.org.uk and you will find a point of contact and support, though I believe there is nothing for you to worry about.

Kindest thoughts of light and peace


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