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Re: people who have died
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 10 March 2012
In Response To: people who have died (Sandy)

Dear Sandy

I am sorry for the delay in replying, the problem is simple in that I have been away on holiday at a place with no internet connectivity.

Anyway thank you for your question. However in the first instance, may I just explain one small but important point? With all questions I take a standpoint that my answers are generic; as such I take a literal view of the content. Simply I do not give reference to individuals mentioned within the text, or with limited facts, assimilate information about those who have passed into light. The reason is straightforward, in that no one person can be in contact with everyone who has passed into eternity, so my answers are general in their structure and composition.

Taking your question from a literal standpoint I am sorry to hear of your difficult situation. The reference you describe is not too dissimilar to one which occurs to many people, where there has, and may still be a great love. The linkage of love is the bond between the two-worlds. Even when one talks about our love and emotions, where grief and sorrow are attached, time often holds no bounds. The thoughts you have are interlinked and entwined within your emotion, a composite of your very being. When we have a bond with another and they become an important factor or part of the character of our life, there will always be a link. Grief holds no thought of time. Grief is a reflection of love – the greater is the love, the greater the reflection of grief, which is a natural process shared within the whole family of humanity. In spite of this, though it is difficult, one should try, as hard as it is, not to live in the past. We cannot change things, unlike the future where we can.

The thought you describe about joining him is one thing, save for taking the point literally it is in my thinking not the best route to take. There are many theories on the point you raise, all from many of my contemporaries. Personally, I would advocate against such a drastic course of action, perhaps a little spiritual counselling will help you at this point in your life. You use the terminology of ‘heaven’. Whichever word you use there is a continuum world of life; which I prefer to call the ‘World of Light’. It doesn’t matter what word you use, we are all energy vibrating at different frequencies; this world is lower than the next. Our lives all have meaning – yes, even the not so good parts. Physical life and spiritual eternity are all interlinked through the revolving door between each world of existence. You also speak about ‘not knowing about this life’, again a common thought. The ‘why’ question you ask in reality has a simple answer! Each and every one of us has the same or similar thoughts. This life is the ‘school house of learning’ - that is why we are here, at this conjecture in time, learning, understanding and building our personalities and individualities – the process is called life!

Finally you ask if I am for real. Well I believe so but it is not I who can make that assumption, it is for others to make their own judgement. I though believe in myself, my family, friends and my spiritual companions and they agree that I really am for real. I gather you reside in the United States of America. Owing to the fact that my gift of spiritual mediumship works on a personal level, I would suggest to look for a local medium, near to where you live. Perhaps looking either on www.spiritualistresources.com or www.nsac.org the North American website may help you to find someone suitable. Nevertheless, I believe that ‘proof’ ultimately lies within yourself; per chance this may be your starting point.

I will you well on your journey of self-fulfilment and hope you are able to receive the peace you deserve.

With Showers of Light and Understanding


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