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Re: Spirits in the Home
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 4 March 2012
In Response To: Spirits in the Home (Jackie)

Hello Jackie

Thank you for your question, which I refer to as one from the ‘field of spirit investigation’. However, the subject you mention is not an area where my work takes me. In fact, the subject is one where generally lacks of spiritual knowledge, and in so many cases, allows people to conjure up fear. Over the years I have found there is a simple explanation to the quandary. I believe that the point about your birthday is inconsequential. From your wording, you appear not to be distressed, which is a good thing. Part of the problem you refer to, in my experience, is because of the media’s over dramatisation of ghosts and things that go bump in the night.

If the experience is a problem for you, I would suggest this course of action: First of all, may I say that people who have moved into the ‘World of Light’ and peace wish us no harm at all? Perhaps your spiritual ability is opening and the situation is one of awareness of life beyond this world. If this is the case I will say a few words to my companion in light and the situation will stop. Nonetheless, if there is more concern then this second option may help. I gather you live in the United Kingdom. If this is the case I would suggest you visit a local Spiritualist Church or Spiritual Centre. There are many places to choose from located all around the country. Either look in your local press or contact the Spiritualist National Union on www.snu.org.uk; alternatively there are Christian and Independent Spiritualist’s as well. If you contact a church, or centre there will be people who work in this area; I am sure they will be more than happy to help and speak to you. My final advice on the subject would for you not to seek advice from a paranormal group, this could be problematic. And with any of the Spiritualist organisations, there is a level of competence which will give you reassurance when contacting them.

Wishing you understanding, peace and comfort

In Light and Peace


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