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Re: reunions
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 15 November 2009
In Response To: reunions (alan)

In the first instance any question with reference to spiritual understanding is important. Why? Because any answer that gives any form of peace is worth asking.

Many questions can attract some peculiar answers. Some people, even those purporting to have spiritual knowledge, lack the capacity to separate the physical world that we are in at this moment in time, and the world of eternal light that awaits all of us.

In this life we move into many different avenues of experience, some more significant than others; but linked within these experiences, we have interactions with close family, friends and acquaintances. Sometimes it can be the occasions when things have not gone so well that dwell upon people’s minds. The reality is that once we have entered into light, we gain a great appreciation and realisation of the experiences we have had in this world. Because of this, when we meet those we have known in this life, the experience is truly a wonderful home coming. Past apprehensions and misunderstandings have gone, and those who we are attracted to, will lead forward beyond the gates of eternity, out into an endless day, at peace, in harmony and together in total love.

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