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Re: my dad
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 4 February 2012
In Response To: my dad (claire)

Dear Claire

First of all may I say how sorry I am to hear the sad news of your father’s passing? One would imagine with the festive period on the horizon, the distress was even more heart rendering, bringing additional anguish to you.

I try wherever possible to reply quickly. My thoughts are for you and your family. Nevertheless, with the sadness entailed within your words, my thinking is often to await instructions from my companions, who reside in light, before I make a reply. It is never easy for any person, held within the grasp of heartache, anguish, grief and loss to see the light before them. Finding proof and gaining belief in the continuity of life and existence beyond physical death is difficult for many people. Often we hear people who speak about proof of survival and make comments like: ‘they are in a better place’. Yes, they are, but we all miss the physical touch and presence of our loved ones.

Whether a person passes over having had a long-term illness, or like your father a quick transition without warning, there is no definitive answer. The reflection held within the words you write hold no immediate solace. It makes it harder when we can ask ourselves over and over again - why? Sadly, there is nothing we can do to alter the past, though I assure you: all of us, on leaving this ‘World of Matter’ are welcomed into the ‘Summerland of light and Peace’ in the main, by a person they have known, or respected. Whether a child, in their adolescence, or matured in years, we miss that of which we have built - love! I say too many people who are in the same situation as you, hard as it is, try to think about those ‘joyful golden days’ when love was built in your heart. The love you have built with your father is the bridge between the ‘Two-Worlds’, this affection never dies, fades away, or is lost. Love vanquishes all things and the great light of the creator of all things man has called God holds the bond together!

You will have developed over the years, a relationship built on love, so it will stand the test of time. Time is not a measurement in the next world. Nevertheless, there is a gauge based on spiritual growth. The continued bond of love is a natural link between the two great worlds, a normal process, measured with the accepted process of cause and effect.

I gather from your e-mail address you live in the United Kingdom. If this is the case, hopefully you have a distinct advantage over so many people who are in other parts of the world. May I explain? In your locality there should be a ‘Spiritualist Church or Spiritual Centre’. If so, may I suggest you start your quest for proof of life after physical death there? I am well aware that a Spiritualist Church is not everybody’s ideal place, so many people contact me to say that the growing religious fervour is a real turn-off to them. However, for many people who attend a Spiritualist Church, they have their own religion or belief; try not to allow this to cause any internal conflict. In short, think of spirit communication as spiritual................. My work, though often in Spiritualist Churches, is more of the ‘old style’ accepting truth and seeking spirituality not religion. Conversely, if you hold to your own feelings, accept and reject, have an open mind, you will be moving in the right direction.

With regard to finding ‘proof’, may I suggest this could take a little time, and come to you when you least expect it. Proof I believe cannot be given by a medium. At first this may appear to be a contentious statement. However, not when you realise we, who call ourselves spiritual mediums, are just a bridge, the conveyor of information/messages from our companions in the ‘World of Eternal Light and Peace’. The acceptance of proof by the nature of its being is very much a personal one. Mediums are just a key, or portal which is a part of the doorway to the world of eternity, which allows a person a link beyond this world and the next. Each spiritual medium works on a slightly different vibration, supporting the interaction between the Two-Worlds. It is because of the diversity of gifted mediums that as a collective, we can support people, with the great message of hope, peace and love for all people who have passed into the Golden Light. In words from the Bible: ‘Seek and you will find’. I wish you well, please try to be patient, open your mind and know that we are all linked and reunited by love.

May I wish you peace and that you gain the proof of the continuity of your father’s life? I have attached a poem received by my spiritual teacher and mentor Jack Corbett. The words received were from my father ‘in-spirit’ many years ago. I hope the poem helps you.

Showers of blessing and illumination

In Light and Peace


Grieve Not For Me

Grieve not for me, with sadness and with tears

Think not of death with sorrow or with fears

For I am so near, that every tear you shed,

Touches, and hurts me if you think me dead

But, when you laugh and sing with great delight,

My soul is lifted, out into the light

So laugh and be glad for all that life is giving,

And I though to some dead, will still share your joy of living.

Received from Spirit by Corbett of Leicester - 1982

From Ernest John Wakeling (in-spirit)


With all questions; I take the standpoint that of my answers are generic, as such I take a literal view of the content. In short, I do not give reference to individuals mentioned within the text, or with limited facts, assimilate information about those who have passed into light. The reason is simple. No one person can be in contact with everyone who has passed into eternity, so my answers are general in their structure and composition and reflect a metaphoric answer.

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