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Developing my subjective clairvoyance
Date: 29 January 2012

Hi Stephen,

I wonder if you can help me...

For several years now I have experienced what I always referred to as a "busy mind". Whenever I am alone with time to think, random images would enter my mind. I have never really thought anything of it as I just put it down to daydreaming or something similar.

However, last night I was sitting next to my mother and across from my younger sister at a friends house. My mother was talking to my friend about a clairvoyant she had seen and during the conversation I felt cold sensation down my left arm and spine. I saw very clearly an image of a table (very detailed, i could see the size, shape and colour of the table, the window behind and the little girls hairstyle) with an apple on it and a little girl standing waiting for the apple. Again I just put it down to my mind wandering but I had a compelling urge to ask my mother about it. I did, and it turns out that her mother used to stand and wait for her mother to cut the apple up for her and to remove the pips so that "an apple tree wouldn't grow in her belly".

Over the course of the next 90 minutes I saw many objects belonging to other family members that have passed away, and a vision of my mother as a little girl being carried up the stairs on a mans back singing "see-saw majory daw" which I thought was just my mind wandering again, but it turns out that her uncle would take her up to bed and would sing that song to her as it was the only one she knew. All of the images I saw were very clear, to the point where I could tell her where certain pieces of furniture were positioned in rooms and I could describe certain jewellery items that her loved ones wore that I didn't know about.

Do you think I could be a subjective clairvoyant?

If so, how do I develop this to work with other family members and friends, other than my mother?

I hope to hear from you soon. If it helps, I am 26 years old and I have always been very open minded and introspective.

Kind regards,


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