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Re: spirit orbs?
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 16 January 2012
In Response To: spirit orbs? (Sara)

Dear Sara

This is an interesting question, though there are many schools of thought about this particular subject. However, may I say ‘Orbs’ is not an area where my spiritual work really gets too involved within; please let me explain more? If I look way back to my early formative years, I have objectively observed or been aware of spiritual energies and the interaction between the ‘Two-Worlds’.

It seems like many years ago, when I first got involved in Spiritualism, like all individuals, my spiritual capacity was developed and extended. Part of my spiritual unfoldement at this juncture in my life was to gain greater awareness of movement and changes of ‘energy’. All of this is a natural occurrence, part of becoming more attuned and aware of fluctuation and energy transformation, often seen as colourful bursts of energy around or about people. At times this was like watching spherical balls of energy, in a pyrotechnics show! I would observe energy bursting into a kaleidoscope of colours, at times clear or occasionally semi-opaque. I thought everyone saw them, but this is not the case, though all people have the sensory capacity for interaction between people who now reside in the ‘World of Light’.

So your first question: what do ‘orbs’ turn into? Again, one can only answer within one’s own spiritual understanding and comprehension. For me they are simply energy. Now perhaps a thought about what we are? Yes we have physical body, but what gives you life? Of course life exists through the creator of all things, sometime called the omnificent presence, or generally known as ‘God’. But, the essence of our presence is the ‘Soul’, the source of all things. In simple terms, it is described as: “spiritual energy, which manifests itself through the physical body”. Without this energy, we would simply not exist. Therefore, I see orbs as a focused concentrated point of spiritual energy, which allows people to be aware of a natural spiritual phenomenon. To me, this occurrence is a special portal, for our spiritual friends in light to make themselves known to those of us, in this world of matter. Today, there are many who see this as paranormal activity; I do not! It is natural and nothing to be feared. Fear is lack of knowledge, and those people in ‘light’ wish that we reach and gain happiness and peace.

You mention when seeing an orb, you felt cold. This is nothing to fear, it is a change in conditions - awareness this is all. It is my belief that what you have glimpsed is through your own spiritual capacity. This is why you were able to determine the image of your brother. Often through a still, calm mind, our companions in light project images which we interpret, often looked upon as intuition, or enlightening of the sixth-sense.

With the information you have provided, I would say you show the characteristics of a person with great spiritual capacity, a divine gift. However, one needs to open the gift slowly like a delicate flower. Fear is often the emotion which holds one back. Trepidation and lack of knowledge is an obstacle. Yet, within your words, it would appear you have broken through this barrier, with your description of seeing and sensing your brother"s presence around and about you. I, like you, have been privileged to observe my friends and family in the ‘World of Light and Beauty’. Without a doubt, this was the catalyst for the work I have undertaken for over 30 years – once you see objectively, you realise how fortunate you are. Life is continuity, and like you the memory is a stimulus to support and help other less fortunate.

Hold fast to your dreams, they are a wonderful way of taking you into the anti-room of the next world the ‘Astral Plane’. Enjoy them and the link of light, love and understanding for the years ahead, until you are reunited in the great Summerland of eternity.

Showers of light and peace



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