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Re: Seminar experience.
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 5 January 2012
In Response To: Seminar experience. (Graham)

Dear Graham

Thank you for your interesting question of a situation which happened so many years ago yet still very much within your thoughts.

Regarding the situation you mention I am not familiar with the whole scenario, so I’m taking your account literally from the content of the words you have supplied. As a result, I will have to give you my own interpretation from the limited data you have provided. I am a little surprised that with such a spiritual demonstration you were not given an introduction, or some details about what you may, or may not experience. Nonetheless, it would appear you have experienced a spiritual meeting where there was a demonstration of either ‘Physical or Trance Mediumship’.

The subject of trance has been well documented over many years. The gift of ‘Trance’ if genuine - is wonderful. Sadly, in the present day, there are many who misinterpret and misuse this truly exceptional gift. We have countless people who wish this amazing gift for the wrong reasons, whether they are delusional, seek fame fortune and notoriety, or believe that speaking gibberish compensates for their own egocentric desires. In spite of that, when you see the ‘real’ thing it is amazing, to say the least! Yes, I have had the great fortune to see authentic trance, once you have seen this, you won’t take second best - at the present time, and there are protagonists who churn out - tenth best. It is sad - but true! Twaddle hearing the likes of: ‘we live in a wonderful place with hollyhocks and ivy climbing over the house’, is not the simple knowledge of eternal life we wish to hear. Evidence can be given from bona fide ‘trance mediums’ that is second to none, life changing, and the ‘diamond in the crown’ of true spiritual mediumship.

It would appear you have been party to the ‘real’ thing. I might deduce you were witness to a form of ‘trance mediumship’ known as ‘transfiguration’. In simplistic terms, this is where the features of the spirit become visible over those of the medium. I have placed a short footnote, below to explain a little more about the word ‘ectoplasm’. Both my wife and I have witnessed this over many years. Perhaps, this is what you saw all those years ago. The lighting could have been changed as part of the evening’s event, or it was a change in the energy synonymous with such a demonstration. The subtle changes on the mediums faces may have been evident in other areas on or around them, it all depends on composition of those involved. You mention being distressed. A natural occurrence for many when one assimilates the limited, or little knowledge, you had about this type of demonstration of physical mediumship. I am sure you experienced nothing bad. It appears that everything all boils down to knowledge and understanding. Awareness of the interaction between a gifted spiritual medium, their companions in light and changes within the energy fields that interact between the ‘Two-Worlds’ would have given you comfort and reassurance.

Perhaps, to help you understand what you saw and felt, may I draw your attention to a website which may enlighten you even further. The site is leslieflint.com: I feel this may help you to gain an insight through one of the very best – a genuine ‘direct-voice’ medium - the world has known. Leslie Walter Flint, spiritual medium was born in London in 1911, passing into light in the town of Hove, West Sussex on the 16th April 1994.

Leslie Flint was in his spiritual prime just before World War Two and some twenty five after it ceased, he was one of Great Britain's best-known Spiritualists. He possessed the rare distinction of being a ‘direct-voice’ medium. Leslie Flint used no trumpets, trapping or paraphernalia. He sat in total darkness, working whilst wide awake, not in a trance. The spirit people, who flocked to him, would engage (if conditions were favourable) to hold flowing informal conversation with a variety of people from family members, to strangers and well known individuals. They would manifest themselves by voice only, around Leslie Flint in solid form just ‘a little above his head and to one side’. Incidentally, he never charged for his services as a medium.

I hope this helps you to understand a little more about the subject. I have added a link to one of my Podcast’s about trance, this may help! I wish you well in your personal quest for spiritual knowledge.

In Light and Peace


You Tube stephenjwakeling Trance (Part 1 of 2) - Podcast 4


The meaning of the word ‘ectoplasm’ is derived from the Greek ‘ektos’ which literally means ‘outside’ and ‘plasma’ representing something fashioned, or moulded. Ectoplasm is a term symbolising a substance or spiritual energy exteriorised by a physical medium.

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