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Re: 2012
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 1 November 2009
In Response To: 2012 (More than just curious)

The question with reference to 2012 and the expectation of major physical changes to the Earth, is one that is on many people’s minds.

However, before answering I would first like to establish the parameters of my own gift as a Spiritual Medium. A Spiritual Medium’s gift is not for predications. But, works to support others by providing evidence of survival of physical death and existence of eternal life in a dimension beyond the material, often referred to as the Spirit World.

Within my own spiritual gift, like many others, I have the fortune to see the past, present situations and occasional glimpses of potential future events. I say potential future events because, the past we cannot change, but the future, taking into account fate, can be altered because of fore-warning. Many cases of future catastrophes and accidents have been averted through pre-knowledge. Nonetheless, 2012 may have been predicated to award the world with carnage, destruction and war. Some predictions have been given with reference to sages, seers of today, and in the past. Throughout my life there have been quite a few times when a few individuals have said ‘the end is nigh’. But, we are still here and I have no indication or spiritual information to suggest that anything will change.

In 2012 the world will not end! There is school of thought that focuses upon Michel de Nostredame who was born in December 1503 and passed into light on the 2nd of July 1566. Nostradamus was a French apothecary and reputed visionary who published a large collection of his prophecies, which have since become famous throughout the world. Nostredame's name was usually translated into Latin to be known has Nostradamus.

I have no doubt that 2012 will see adversity and natural disasters, perhaps more or perhaps less. The world is at a point in its history where major climatic changes are occurring at an ever increasing rate. Mankind has plundered without thought upon the delicate balance of nature. When people collectively work together, to bring their desire for wealth and power under control, and to balance the natural resources of the earth, then perhaps we will learn and the whole world with attain peace and harmony.

On a personal point the 21st day of December 2012 will be my forty-fourth wedding anniversary. I am sure it will be a very pleasant day, both with my family I will look forward to 50th – well God willing.

Kind regards.
Yours in Light and Peace,

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