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Groups with Voting Authority in Heaven
By:Donna B
Date: 2 January 2012

Dear Stephen Wakeling,

Can you tell me anything about Groups with Voting Authority in Heaven? I have had two experiences in this regard since my Voice (singing) Teacher, Charlene Andres, passed away this fall. In the first experience, my former choir director, Dale Harpham, who Charlene is with, spoke to me one morning and told me that, "We have voted, and she has been appointed to you. We know you need her." On New Year's Eve, Dec.31,2011, my grandmother, was sent to tell me that, either "They voted OR "It was voted that you will have Charlene with you for a long time." I asked "How long is a long time?" My grandmother answered, "As long as you need her." I was very close to Charlene, and am really struggling with my grief, so this was a lovely gift.

Dale is obviously part of a Group that has the authority to vote and make certain kinds of decisions. I wanted to know if you could tell me anything about this kind of Group that exists in Heaven.

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