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Re: death of my father
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 2 January 2012
In Response To: death of my father (sandra)

Dear Sandra

May I say how sorry I am to hear the sad news of your father’s passing? Whatever time in the year, Christmas or festive times are often more distressing and poignant, which brings the reflection within our memory, ever more heart rendering. I would have replied to you before, but with the sensitivity involved, my thinking is often to await instructions from my companions who reside in light. I am extremely sorry to hear of your sad news and the obvious difficulties you are having at this point in time.

My thoughts are for you and your family. It is never easy for any person, held within the clutch of grief, anguish and loss. Belief in continued existence beyond physical death is difficult for many people, though we talk about proof of survival – we will always miss the physical touch of our loved ones. Like you, many people become distressed when they are not present at a loved one’s moment of passing. I reflect upon my own fathers passing. The effects appear to be similar to the words you write within your correspondence. It is difficult, we can ask again and again why? Sadly, there is nothing we can do to alter the past, though I assure you all who leave the world of earth are welcomed into the ‘Summerland of light and Peace’ generally by a person who they have known, or respected. Whether an individual is young, a child, in their adolescence, or matured in years, we miss that of which we have built - love! As I say to many, think about those happy golden days when love was built and grew. Love is the bridge between the ‘Two-Worlds’, a composite which never dies, diminishes, or is lost. Love conquers all things and the great light of the creator of all things man has called God holds the bond together!

If you have built a relationship on love, over many years, then it will stand the test of time. Time is not a measurement in the next world. Nevertheless, there is a gauge based on spiritual growth. The growth of the bond of love is a continuum never diminishing, fading, or lost. I am sure that such things work through a natural process and measured with the accepted process of cause and effect.

Lack of understanding about spiritual matters, with people who have limited knowledge along with silly statements, form egocentricities, add to the confusion which abounds today. Misinterpretation of understanding of spiritual matters doesn’t help the situation you find yourself in and compounds the grief you refer to in your words. Today we have growth of individuals, who pronounce to the world they are the panacea and holders of all knowledge. Nothing could be further from the truth. Common-sense often goes out of the window, as a result, making it challenging for the acceptance of eternal life, for many people.

You ask about coincidence? This is a question that I can only answer from my own perspective, knowledge and understanding. My answer is simple – no! I am a fatalist through the interpretation of my own comprehension. However, your views may be different – it is purely a point for personal interpretation alone. Difficult as it may seem, I believe things happen for a reason, good or not so good. We are all on the cycle of life, each at different points, yet each interacting with each other. Something happens and a reaction takes place – the essence for me is to gain knowledge and maintain one’s equilibrium. With the situation you mention I only have limited detail. I feel if there was coincidence – it was for a reason, a reason you will need to find within your own heart, realisation and comprehension.

Your second question relates to your friend some nineteen years ago. You were thinking about your friend, whilst looking at her photograph. You say that a glass droplet from your chandelier fell from the ceiling and smashed into fragments – do I think it is spiritual energy? You also refer to having ‘psychic powers’. Indeed, everyone has such a capacity – though I much prefer to use the word spiritual. Powers; I am not sure about the terminology, personally having a preference for the words of awareness, appreciation and sensitivity of spiritual matters. Yes, everyone holds within themselves the key to all things, our spirituality is an aspect of our divine nature. We are all in touch with the greater energies of the universe and our companions' who have stepped beyond the ‘golden dawn’ into the future life in our celestial homeland. Your friend may well have used this exercise with the droplet to make you aware of her presence. You say you were thinking about her – thought! Thought is a living thing, again, an interconnecting capacity between us in the ‘World of Earth’ to our loved ones in the eternal ‘World of Light’. The linkage again is simple – it is love!

May I suggest the exercise of objective and positive thought? This is a simple process which you can use to build the bridge between any of your loved ones who have moved into light. Use a photograph, personal artefact, or token of love, to help your spiritual faculty to strengthen. This uncomplicated exercise is the starting point, often helping a person in grief to build a heavenly link – often established through sleep and held within the landscape of our dreams.

I wish you peace and happiness in that you find harmony within yourself. Please try to think of your entire family of loved ones, now in light as ‘stars that shine bright’. The brightness of happy thoughts will gladden their hearts, and help lift your own soul. I have attached a poem received from my great spiritual teacher and companion of light. It is about a star – I hope it helps.

Showers of Peace and Blessings


A Star

Think of me, when I was a star, which shone so bright
Not, when life had faded, and gone
But, that a golden light, has lit the darkened night
From hand of time and ashen memory, should no more belong

Out, I’ve moved, when night beckons dawn and light is broken
No more tears sodden eyes to weep, or lost unhappy stare
Climb through clouds, soar high to greet, recall soft words we have spoken
For all around like fresh new life, crystal clear on frozen breath, that holds no fear

Do not think of life with grief, but for all the joyous love, it keeps
Oh happy life, diamond bright, of wonders that never cease
Echoes memories from our lives, and rhythmic gentle heartbeats
Then, light of life bring forth, thy choir of angels, sing and give us peace

For as a star I will always shine, tomorrow, we’re are not apart
Within your mind, like candle light least not to flicker, nor fade
Let words of light and love; hold fast the key within my heart
To future happiness, to meet again beyond new dawn, together we have made!

Stephen J Wakeling
14th December 2008

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With all questions; I take the standpoint that of my answers are generic, as such I take a literal view of the content. In short, I do not give reference to individuals mentioned within the text, or with limited facts, assimilate information about those who have passed into light. The reason is simple. No one person can be in contact with everyone who has passed into eternity, so my answers are general in their structure and composition and reflect a metaphoric answer.

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