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Re: I recently lost my Mom
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 31 December 2011
In Response To: I recently lost my Mom (A)

Dear A,

Having read your two e-mails I have tried to bring them together to grasp the depth of the very sad loss of your mother. I do like to take time, and give a lot of thought to my replies. Your question implies a depth of grief, sadness and sorrow at this point in time. Losing a close loved one, for all people, is tinged with mourning, anxiety and heart-rending emotions, which are poignant, needing understanding, comfort, and support. I always relate to my own personal losses, which draw a parallel to physical loss within my own family and friends.

Each and every person lives their earthly life, within the measurement of time. Personal beliefs, religions, or faiths have their own interpretations. Yet, all embrace the reality that our lives exist beyond this physical world. Often, during the closing days of our earthly life, we face and come to terms with the intricacies held within the span of our life. It is then that we take stock, grasping our future pathway as we enter into eternity - the next dimension. In short, we all realize and confront our own mortality. Like your mother, we meet head-on the inevitability of our mortal existence. People, who have unfolded their spirituality, frequently discover the continuity of life, before they pass-over through their being spiritual attunement. Awareness of eternal life provides inner-peace often gained within one’s own faith, or religious beliefs. On the other hand some are temporarily lost, alone and see physical death as a crevasse, or dark-abyss of fear, trepidation and anguish – there is no darkness no one is buried in the shadow of a grave. At the point of physical death the soul moves out to be greeted by those who have moved ahead – those we have known and loved in this life.................... The words you transcribe about your mother indicate clearly that she will have moved from this life – out into the new ‘golden dawn’. All of her trepidation will have gone in one single moment. At the point of physical death, we all take the smallest of steps, out into the ‘garden of eternity’ - just a breath away..................

Irrespective of your own personal pathway within this life, whether you are Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Sheikh, Hindu or non-believer the ‘World of Light and Beauty’ awaits all people. Without doubt this comprehension allows for all to gain understanding of the totality of life from a wider perspective. Because of this, and spiritual acceptance I am of the opinion the words you write are an expression of the closeness you had and still have, with your mother. Love is the light and bond that holds you together, now and forever more. Your mother will have moved out through beyond the ‘Golden Dawn’; into the celestial setting of the great ‘World of Light and Peace’.

Once we have taken off the shackles of our physical bodies, we all dwell in peace and harmony. With anyone, like your mother, the reflective thoughts are upon their lives spent whilst living here in earth. When we move forward we are all met by those we have known and loved who support movement from one-energy source, into another.

If I may suggest try to look upon your mother’s physical life with joy and celebration? Open your mind to past ‘Elysian Days’, time when you were happy together. Allow positivity to flow through the happy memories held within your heart. The bridge between the two-worlds is built by ‘love’ and love never dies, only interlinking through its own connectivity. Thoughts are living things. Positive feelings bring the bond of love together. Take the joyous, happy memories and cast away the sadness you speak about, allow recollection of the good times; the blending of togetherness will open again like a flower, revitalised by fresh water and care.

You mention moving back from Pakistan to London in the early springtime. You also indicate you would seek a private consultation or reading. May I suggest that patience may best suit your desire to receive spiritual communication? Also, though it may be hard, allow any communication to open the bridge between the ‘Two-Worlds’. Often ones hope is for specific information from a particular person. But, a singular thought may become a barrier, so allow for time. Occasionally, a person who has entered into eternity can pass information easily, at other times it may take longer – there is no definitive answer to this question, which I am frequently asked.

Without personal knowledge I cannot recommend a particular medium in London. There are many fine spiritual mediums around the world, yet be aware there are still many frauds and charlatans about. Nevertheless, you may find a good starting point could be: The Spiritualist Association of Great Britain 11 Belgrave Road, London SW1V 1RB the telephone number is 020 7931 6488 and website: http://www.sagb.org.uk . Again, I would suggest an open mind. Perhaps before a reading, you give a period of time to think of your loved ones. who have moved out into ‘light’. A photograph or something that links you together can help draw you closer. If at first you don’t receive that of which you desire, try to be patient, allow the ‘bridge of love’ to build and grow.

If at all possible think on positive things you have shared. I would suggest you think about the happy times you have had together and try to remember there is a bright future. Realisation occurs to all who wait, clarify is absolute when we cross the small divide to meet again our loved ones in the Summerland of peace and tranquilly. I have copied below a small poem received by my Spiritual Teacher and Mentor Jack Corbett passed to him from his wife sometime after she moved out from this life. She was an ordinary person, like most of us. But once she moved into light she furthered her spiritual capacity in the realms of eternity - I trust the poem helps you.............

Kindest thoughts of hope and peace

Showers of blessing and light


Pray for the Mourner

Silently I touch your cheek as you wipe away a tear,

If you could only realise, dear heart that I am still so near

If only I could lift the veil, before your very eyes,

Then you would know eternal life is everybody’s prize

But, in your grief you cannot hear, in your sorrow you cannot see,

The light that tries to penetrate, the darkness of your misery

And so these thoughts I give to you; I give to you in love,

To help regain the shattered faith, you’ve lost in him above

So dry your tears mourn not for me and heed what has been said,

And know that I will wait in love, just one small step ahead.

Received from Spirit by Jack Corbett of Leicester

© Copyright Golden Circle Promotions

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