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death of my father
Date: 30 December 2011

I lost my dad on 23rd december 2011 at age of 89 years. We were very close and i have always been there for him. However he was taken to hospital on 8th december 2011 and though i visited as i could, this was different to other hospital stays which were local and i would stay for hours. This hospital was little further away and visiting hours more restricted. I then caught norovirus from the hospital and hadnt seen him for a few days. By the time the dr rang my mother and sisiter on 23rd dec to say dad had taken turn for worse and expected to live for 2 days , we raced to the hospital, only to find dad deeply distressed and obviously panicking as though suffocating and flaying his arms. He could no longer speak , his eyes looked weird and he was trying to speak with groaning gasps. To say i was in deep distress and shock is an understatement. I could not watch my father panicking to stay alive and went outside the ward. I visited and said a prayer in the chapel, walked the street outside, and hid in the lift well. When i eventually went back to ward, daddy had passed. I spent the next couple of hours kissing him and telling him how much i loved him and thanked him for being so wonderful. My anguish is made worse as i feel i let him down in his last few days when he needed me like no other time! this pain is excruciating! I have been a good daughter and told my dad pratically everyday of my 50 years that i love him and have shown him great love - it is the last week or so that deeply upsets me as i have never let daddy down before. Can i find out if he is ok now? I have been told before that i have psychic powers and would like to put them to use if i know how!

1) was it a pure coincidence that my best friend of 30 years, Christine also lost her father on the same day i lost mine? Her father died at 5.30am and mine at 5.30pm have you any thoughts on these Stephen. We are having a job believing this to be coincidental!

2) about 19 years ago, i lost a dear friend - i sat on my settee looking at a photograph of her a few days after she died - i was deep in thought about her. All of a sudden a glass droplet on my chandelier hanging from the ceiling smashed into fragments after hitting the coffee table below! I s this what you mean by 'energy' from the other side?

please help.

Thank you

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