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Further to our conversation
Date: 4 December 2011

Hi Stephen

I don't know if you will remember me, I was very upset about a close friend of my youngest son who took his life at 15 years old? I couldn't make sense of it, why he would want to end his life, and keep thinking why. I am still very upset, and still haven't accepted it; he had everything to live for, and was loved by all his friends very much. I think about his mum and his family every day, and it's as though I am hurting for them, and feeling the pain he must have been going through before he decided to leave us. He did leave a note, but I have no idea what he has put in it.

Could you tell me where he will go? What will the afterlife be like for him, having thrown his life away? Will he be aware of all the heartache and devastation he has left behind? I can't let go of him, even though he wasn't my son, he spent a lot of time with my son, and at my house, and I can't believe I won't see him any more. I truly hope he is happy and at peace with himself.

You did mention a book that you would send me, about a man that died on the Titanic, sometimes I doubt that the soul lives on, and would so appreciate some proof right now, so that I can let go of him.

Yours S.

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