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Re: emotional healing
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 30 October 2011
In Response To: emotional healing (Gabriela)

Dear Gabriela

Having carefully looked at your question, with a limited amount of information, I have taken the presumption you have great concern about your son. If this is the case, you have an age-old problem. It is the dilemma, which befits all loving parents and guardians, for the care for their children and siblings. We all wish the best for our families; it is difficult and often worrying, and heart wrenching, irrespective of whether they are young, or more matured of age.

Perhaps, you may take some consolation and support from the work of our spiritual companions who reside in the ‘World of Light and Harmony’. Today, our ‘Spiritual Guides and Inspirers’ are often too mentioned as nothing more than theatrically accessories, or an extension of an individual’s ego. Nothing could be more from the truth. Spiritual Guides are highly evolved and spiritually developed people. Our spiritual companions have experienced this world, and now through enlightenment, seek to bring the gifts of spiritual balance to this ‘World of Earth’. Spiritual Guides see a little, just a little further, along the pathways of the physical path we are all upon. One often ponders the difficulties they have trying to support, comfort and guide us, from what in many occasion appears to be far away. Not an easy task!

One draws the parallel between the workings of the parent/guardian to that of our spiritual companions. We get to a point in life where our children must walk their own pathway, develop their own individualities and experience their own problems. Yes, we can share with them the ups and downs, trials and tribulations. But, we must trust on the guidance we have given, particularly in our child’s younger and formative years and hope, upon hope, their lives reach happiness, peace, fulfilment and harmony.

My consolation is all I can offer at this point in time. Trust in yourself, send positive thoughts and pray for the light of deliverance in the love you have given over the years.

In thoughts of spiritual peace and fulfilment

In Light and Peace


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