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Re: Need help
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 9 October 2011
In Response To: Need help (Carla)

Dear Carla

Thank you for your question. I am a little unsure as to your narrative: are you having physical pain, or are you alluding to someone who could have placed a curse upon you? Let’s take the physical pain as a starting point. If you have an illness I would suggest you speak to somebody who is trained in the medical profession. However, you mention the word ‘curse’. There are people who believe curses can affect them. Yes, I suppose they can if you have no knowledge of spiritual matters, or are of a disposition that allows weakness to darken the corridors of the mind. Lack of knowledge is the biggest problem and is further exasperated with all of the paranormal nonsense we hear so much of today.

Each and every one of us, have difficult times in this physical world of earth. We all have ups and downs; this is a natural process within the movement of life. Being of a spiritual disposition, I believe in the natural laws of individual responsibility, and cause and effect. Personal growth and spiritual development are two of many reasons why we are where we are, at this point in time. Conversely, this is the logical reason why I believe there is no ‘curse’ upon you. Why? It is a relatively simple answer. If one opens the faculty of the ‘mind’ and embraces light, we become aware that darkness is only attributed to those who allow themselves to dwell in shadows. People who lack the simplicity of knowledge soon realise that nothing spiritual can, or will harm you. Light prevails; we should accept the movement of life’s purpose as individual growth and furtherance of one’s spiritual attainment. My spiritual teacher would say: “Don’t stay in the lowlands of ignorance where only fools and moneys chatter and dwell” – this means acceptance of life, gain knowledge, move forward and build your life on spiritual truths. Curses, or those who profess to be able to inflict them, are people who use lack of knowledge to extract their own pleasure, or seek fear, as a way to gain supremacy or power. To the enlightened person they have no influence or control at all.

You are having a difficult period within you and your family’s life. Like the clouds in the sky, all things move and change. Go forward, look for simple solutions; obstacles and difficult periods in life are experience to sometimes endure, and at other times to enjoy. Life is a movement between experiences – balance is what we all seek. Change will effect and life will become better, be positive, though you must accept light. Welcome and accept that those who are in the ‘World of Light and Harmony’ bring support, so move away from superstition, thoughts on curses and darkness.

My conclusion is to look at the changes, grow and don’t blame false notions. Many people blame others for their own personal problems, or the situations they find themselves in. Acceptance is the first step forward, and the catalyst for you to bring about positive change, for you and the family members you mention in your question.

In thoughts of light and peace


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