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Re: My dog died
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 3 October 2011
In Response To: My dog died (Maria)

Hello Maria

I am very sorry to hear of your very sad loss. Often the love one keeps and holds for a pet can be greater, because of the natural ease of our interaction with the animal world.

Like you, I have seen my family pets leave this world. Sad and heart-rending as it is, the link of love still holds the bond between us. Without doubt your golden retriever – Berlioz will still be with you, supporting and giving what the animal world does best, they give unconditional love in its clearest sense.

Perhaps if you realise that all living things have an ‘Aura’, which is an electro-magnetic force field, energy cannot be killed, or destroyed it simply changes. All of humanity and our beloved pets are subject to change, and change happens to us all, when we leave this world and enter into the Gates of Eternity.

Only a short time ago I had the sadness you are experiencing, after my Persian cat – Bart passed into ‘light’. In that past, I have had Chocolate and Yellow Labrador's, and a black and white cat when I was a boy. But I have since seen them all again through objective clairvoyance. Yes, as real, as real can be! Alive yes - and they await us, they are just a small step away in the ‘Eternal World of Light’. The bridge between you and your Pet is not through your grief and trauma you feel now; it is through the bond of love you developed together over the years. The grief is an expression of your love, and love is the bridge between the Two-Worlds, the link that will keep you together. Berlioz will be well, cared for and awaiting you, when eventually you, like all of us, complete the earthly cycle of physical life and enter into the ‘Realms of Eternity’ – together again at peace – and for all time!

Showers of Blessings


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