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9 year old child - Possession?
By:Donna (Los Angeles, CA)
Date: 7 October 2009

Dear Stephen

I am contacting you about my grandson Kyle he is nearly nine years old. He is very hyperactive and my daughter is constantly looking out for the e-numbers and checking what he eats.

It was during the latter part of the school vacation when things started to change, if he was getting any stress, or he had to be cautioned about anything, he appeared to alter into a much younger child and on occasion started to use childish chatter and could be violent wanting to hit out at anybody. This could happen three times a week and he would start to hit out. We have to hold him tight, keep talking to him and give him cuddles until he would come out of it. When he was at school he is a well behaved normal boy doing well.

During my vacation we spoke to a medium who I have seen before. I had my grandson with me at the time, at which he told me that he was told by his guide that there was a ghost of a mischievous child with him and that was why he was doing these things.

I was told to place some different crystals and quartz underneath his and that these would help him. The state of affairs is still the same so I do not know what to do is it possible that you can shed some light on the situation.

It is still happening & we are at our wits end can you help. My grandson is aware that there is something happening but we have not said anything to him. Is the house haunted and he is taken over because other things are happening.

Kind regards


Los Angeles CA

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