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Re: My sister
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 15 September 2011
In Response To: My sister (Clare)

Dear Clare

Many thanks for your question in which you infer you never get anything for yourself. Not an uncommon enquiry, though the answer is rather simple: The answer is within you comment “share my gifts with others”! This is the answer. All of the divine gifts we possess are for sharing with others, not for ourselves – I never receive, nor ask for myself, there is no purpose, because the gift is for sharing with other – simple but true....................

You mention intuition within your question. Intuition is a natural process and happens to every one of us; sometimes it appears to occur more often at certain points in our physical lives. When one realises intuition is natural, you become more responsive to the link between the ‘Two-Worlds’ and then the process is heightened and further developed. People who impart their personal development towards spiritual awareness, or supporting others, are able to use this divine gift for the furtherance of humanity. Often when people start to unfold their spiritual gifts, there may appear to be an increase by way of your intuition, partly because of fine-tuning or developing your spiritual aptitude. Also, it supports your realisation to increase the union between you and our companions in 'light'. The process supports and helps build the capacity to facilitate spiritual communication in the field of mediumship.

With reference to eighteen-month time span, it may be of relevance to you, an indicator for your appreciation of your spiritual attunement. Personally I do not place specific significance to chance, more accounting for a natural order, where chance is part of the a greater plan, in short I have more of a fatalistic perspective on life.

You also intimate where mediums have said at a later day you will use you spiritual gifts more. I find this a more modernistic interpretation of the ability to interlink with the 'World of Light'. Perhaps the changes in appreciation of the divine gifts we all possess are built through today’s promotion of Spiritual Mediumship through the mass media. Today, there is much talk about 'self' rather than the true purpose of our spiritual gifts, which is to serve the whole of humanity.

May I suggest you build your own spiritual capacity and focus on what you can achieve by inter-connecting with other like-minded spiritual people? You appear to be a busy person, I would hazard to guess, you are using you spiritual faculty right now. It is not about speaking to a mass audience; spirituality is helping, often in the quiet of your own thoughts, serving the greater purpose of life and the fulfilment of others. Too often these days, those who seek spiritual gifts forget that if we all worked in unison, the world would be a better place for those who one day will follow our footsteps. I have added a short text from the former President of the Spiritualist Nation Union in Great Britain - Gordon Higginson. I knew Gordon from his many visits to my spiritual teacher and mentor Jack Corbett. Gordon Higginson was the SNU President for 23 years from 1970 until his passing in 1993. Gordon said:

“I know you hear a great deal about mediums, and people who make their name known, and live, but there are thousands of people, who have done a great deal of work for spiritualism, and are often forgotten”.

Gordon M Higginson SNU President (In-Spirit)

A Footnote on Mediumship

We are all upon the wheel of life, each one of us at a different point. All our gifts reflect the advancements, or not, we have made and where we are at this point in time, both spiritually and physically. The intuition and the spiritual faculty can always be improved to develop our potential. The question of our spiritual progress is answered through the work and effort we give towards self-progression, as we move outwards into light and embrace all that is good.

Humility is a vital ingredient for mediumship. We should all remember that our work exists in harmony with others, who are also working to bring light into this world. Those who give comfort, peace, support and assurance to others know that life is eternal and we shall never die. The death of the mortal shell merely represents the soul’s progression from one form of energy into another.

In Light and Peace


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