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My sister
Date: 10 September 2011

Dear Stephen
I hope you can help me but i don't know if you can. it would be wonderful if you could explain what is happening to me as I never 'get' for myself.

Could my intuition be correct? I have been shown metaphorical insignts about how three past family members would pass to Spirit. Each time was correct and each insight was given 18 months prior to their passings.

18 months ago I was given another insight, this time of my sisters' passing where she died from a stroke in hospital. She is having surgery for a cancer problem on Sept 23rd and has many other and varied medical conditions to contend with as well., in conjunction with a mitral valve replacememnt nearly 5 years ago, and still has atrial fibrillation.

I have been told by many many mediums over a period of years that Spirit will use me to share my gifts with others, but this will not come FULLY into being until I am free from encumberances, because of the travel abroad. My drling sister is 67, has never married so has no family, lives on her own and has no quality of life save what I can give her. I care for her as she cannot drive until her problems are dealt with. I feel so excited about my future, and I shouldn't, bearing in mind what my sister is going through, so are my thoughts correct or am I going barmy? I have been to Lily Dale only once and felt such a connection with it that that impression has not left me, three years later.

Thank you so much for listening to me and I hope I haven't troubled you by sharing what to me is so important. With warmest wishes, Clare x

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