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Re: spirit world
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 4 September 2011
In Response To: spirit world (natasha)

Dear Natasha

Thank you for your e-mail. However before I give my explanation, may I draw your attention to an important point?

With all questions, I take the standpoint that my answers are generic and as such, I take a literal view of the content. In short, I do not give reference to individuals mentioned within the content, or with limited facts, assimilate information about those who have passed into light. The reason is simple. No one person can be in contact with everyone who has passed into eternity, so my answers are general in their structure and composition and reflect a metaphoric answer.

Every person, young or elderly, on leaving this world of matter, enters into the world of eternity and peace. No one is left alone; the progression from one dimension into the next is a natural process. I often give reference to our transition as the ‘revolving-door’ of life. We are all greeted in light, by our companions of spirit; either a known loved one, a friend, a stranger, a pet, etc. We are welcomed by whom we would perceive and feel at comfort with as the optimum greeter. When we are united in the ‘World of Light’, once we have taken our transition from this life, we all find a world free of pain and anguish. The simple movement is well planned, as we enter into our new home land...

In conclusion I would say to all people: When we move from the ‘World of Earth’ into the great ‘World of Soul’ we are taking a natural movement, no darkness – only light. For children, or unborn babies, we are comforted by hands that give healing and support. Whereupon, we are nurtured up to a point from whence we have grown, like a child in this world. We learn from spirit guardians to be capable of using all of our faculties as we move outwards, along the corridors of eternity, gaining knowledge and understanding through spiritual enlightenment.

Kindest regards and light


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