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Re: My mother in law
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 21 August 2011
In Response To: My mother in law (Mandy)

Dear Mandy

Thank you for your question. However, I am always a little concerned when people who say they are mediums ask such a basic spiritual question. It is not that the issue you raise is difficult, only that one deliberates whether there is an ulterior reason within the rhetoric. May I explain in more detail? If I were a carpenter, I would know the difference between a nail and a screw, simple basic knowledge. So a matter which in itself is basic makes one ponder upon the reasoning. Nonetheless, I will take a literal view on the value of the enquiry. Therefore, taking aside any doubt or trepidation, I will give you my interpretation of your question.

The simple answer is “Spiritual Counselling”. Consequently, I draw upon the reference of you being a medium, because the question is simplistic and of rudimentary content? Perhaps, this is why I sat for spiritual unfoldement for over 9 years. Hitherto, after over 30 years as a ‘Spiritual Medium’ my awareness shows that we only scratch upon the doorway of eternity. When grasping spiritual truths, one should look at the foundation of spiritual communication which is: “Mediumship is a knowledge of spiritual matters, which appertains and relates to the world in which we now residing in, yet allows us to grasp the understanding of the great illumination that awaits us all, when we enter into the Golden Light”. Explained another way, when we call ourselves mediums, perhaps this thought may cast more light upon the subject: “Mediumship is the capacity to receive and disseminate spiritual information and to transfer this information into sense, common-sense and to take away nonsense, whilst giving the recipient individual(s) the capacity to realise their spiritual potential”. Knowledge, awareness and understanding are the bedrock and foundation for all things. Every medium needs to continue to open the portal of the mind and allow light to embrace the inner sanctum of the soul.

Now to the question at hand, you mention a young teenager who you say is gifted. Gifted she may be, but she needs to be nurtured, like a delicate flower, so that her spiritual capacity unfolds naturally. Also, you mention your mother-in-law. With the point about age you mention in your question............ Many people, particularly when they are in the autumn or winter of their physical life, at times of illness, loneliness, or during meditation, are aware of the natural interaction of the “Two-Worlds”. It is inherent; all people have the capacity for spiritual matters. Why? one may ask – because the essence of our being is spiritual. There is nothing unusual, strange, or unnatural; the only confusion is through incorrect interpretation of the spiritual intercourse of our companions in ‘Light’.

Now back to “Spiritual Counselling”. It is of no use if we ‘tell’ a gifted person of our own interpretations of spiritual or physical matters. All gifts are ‘Diving’ in purpose. So, we should help younger or less experienced people to open the faculties of their own ‘gifts’. How one may ask? Simply by using structured questions, nurture, teach and allow common-sense to take the high ground! ‘Structured Questions’ are a simple technique for helping another person to find the answers themselves. Prompt, encourage, help and like a father with his son, progression is increased by support and allowing the normal process of two-way communication. Take a tip from the famous journalist and author Rudyard Kipling who knew the true value of structured questions. Accordingly he composed a rhyme the following is just a part of it:

“I keep six honest serving men,

(They taught me all I know),

Their names are What and Why and When,

And How and Where and Who”

"The one that would not rhyme was: “To what Extent ........?”

I am sure this technique will work, allow the young person to express herself. Try not to place your thoughts and interpretations upon hers, play a secondary supporting role – the role of a spiritual mentor. Ask simple questions using the who, what, why, where and how technique! It works for many people past and present – it most certainly did for Rudyard Kipling.

In light and peace


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