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Re: Does he know I'm sorry?
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 14 August 2011
In Response To: Does he know I'm sorry? (Kerris)

Dear Kerris

I am sorry to hear about your heart-rending situation around the passing over of your father. Often, the sad issue of guilt you write about affects people who have not been in close communication for some time. It is a frequent problem affecting families where there have been problems, fall-outs, difficulties or other complications.

Like all people, I have family who I have no interaction with; it is part of life, we have different values, aspirations or social needs. On a personal level, I often think about individuals who look at their ancestry, when they have so many members of their family who they don’t interact with in a positive way. Perhaps it would be better if we realised we are part of the whole family of humanity.

From a spiritual perspective, answers are not in the past. Yes, the problem may have its source there, but one must try to move forward. All people who passed from this life and move out into the ‘World of Light and Peace’ are aware of the situations that are left behind them. The wish of our loved ones, who now reside in light, is to want the bereaved to lift their hearts and souls, and to move forward through their life. Enlightenment is the situation that envelops all of us when we leave this life. Perhaps this is why you are aware of your father; it is natural to feel, see, hear or simply sense the presence of a loved one after they have moved forward into light.

May I suggest you try to visualise your father? Look at a favourite photograph, think in a positive light and embrace calm and peace. If possible cast your mind back to happy days of fun and joy. I am sure the positivity of happy memories will stimulate the healing process and support you both as you move forward, until that happy day when you are reunited. The link between you and the bridge connecting the ‘Two-Worlds’ is love, in its purest sense. Move forward with your life and you will gain inner-peace because love never dies. Gradually, the pain will ease and the brightness within in your heart will be rekindled, making way for warmth and harmony.

Showers of light and peace


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