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Re: dark shadows
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 9 July 2011
In Response To: dark shadows (Dee)

Hello Dee

Thank you for your question, which is not too dissimilar to many of this kind I receive through the course of my work. However, there is a growing amount of people who allow the modern trend of haunting and ghosts to interfere with the natural process of inter-communication between the ‘Two-Worlds’.

You mention your grandfather’s communication. This is not too uncommon. Being a grandfather, one could easily understand the protective assurances one would wish to give to loved ones we have left in this world. Taking this point of view, it is easy to see the support of loved ones who have moved into the realms of eternal light, as they wish to provide support, guidance and light. It is natural! Within the capacity of mediumship, or you may prefer the terminology of clairvoyant, ones receives information through all of the natural sensory process of seeing, hearing, taste, touch and smell. So, hearing from a close loved one is very natural, particularly with young children.

During my early formative years, I naturally interacted with people who had moved into light. Like your daughter, there were no problems, the interaction was natural. Nonetheless, the problem is when fear through lack of knowledge comes into the equation. It happened to me, but not anymore. A major problem today is the growth in the ghostly things and paranormal activity. If that is what people want, then they have every right to follow their chosen pathway. However, for me there is only one path – total light. Light takes away darkness, fear, doubt or trepidation. Light coupled with spiritual knowledge conquers all things, particularly fear. So, may I suggest a few gentle words of encouragement, for you to simply take away any fears, anxieties or concerns?

There is nothing in the ‘World of Light’ that will harm, or hurt anyone. Fear of the unknown brings problematic issues to all people. Darkness itself is the builder of uncertainties. Take away darkness and support your daughter with light. Enlightenment takes away all fear! Often we see glimpses of the spirit world, sometimes it may appear to be shadowy, but once you have clear sight, all things are illumed, bright and clear.

Finally, may I suggest objective thoughts and positive dialogue to give reassurance? It would appear your daughter is sensitive to the vibrations around her. I am confident that those in light will be aware of the situation. Most children, once they grow, move away from their inner-sensitivities, in pursuit of the material growth they require in this ‘world of earth’. My spiritual teacher always said: “Fear is a cancer that eats away at the very heart of mankind”! I often mention one of my own spiritual thoughts, “no one is afraid of the light, only darkness”. So move forward, give reassurance. I will ask for those in ‘light’ to place a barrier of protection around, to support as you all move forward.

In thoughts of light and peace


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