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Re: My Olivia
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 13 June 2011
In Response To: My Olivia (Caroline)

Dear Caroline

First of all I would like to send my sincere thoughts to you and your family regarding the tragic loss you have recently had. I have given considerable thought to your correspondence, ensuring I was clear in my reply to you.

When someone is so young and in the prime of life, the pain you and your family have must be constant and unbearable. My heart goes out to you and my wishes are that you find the peace you richly deserve. The time-scale is still short since the tragedy of your loss; some say that time is a healer. Perhaps in some ways it is, but from a personal point of view, the pain is often masked, leaving a scar that is easily opened. Many people, who have moved from this world and entered into the Golden Light, try desperately to communicate with loved ones left here in earth. There appears to be no hard, or set rules for someone to return and pass information from beyond physical death.

Many people assign their life to supporting the communication between the two-worlds. Indeed all true spiritual mediums work in light, grasping he small portal, or bridge, that inter-connects our loved ones who now reside in total ‘light’. We are all aware that one day we must all leave this world, and take the smallest of steps, into peace and tranquillity.

Our loved ones, now in the eternal garden of light, have concerns over those left here in earth. Their wishes are that peace will release their loved ones from grief and saddened hearts. It has been well documented over countless years, that as we gain peace within our own hearts, it helps our loved ones to move further along the corridors of enlightenment. To this end, may I respectfully suggest that you take time to be still, perhaps in a certain place in your home, and try to gather the momentum of peace within yourself? What I am trying to explain is a meditative consciousness, which allows your mind to relax, gathering your thoughts and trying to work in tandem with your loved ones who are that one-step ahead.

Sometimes there is a misunderstanding of the work of spiritual mediums; the work is in fact very simple! It is to support the process of communication and to allow objective dialogue to take place in support of the many like yourself who are bereaved, sad or heartbroken. Again, may I suggest that you visit a local Spiritualist Church/Centre within your own location? I am not of the religious persuasion, more attuned to spiritual understanding. Yet there are many good spiritual mediums throughout the world. Each medium works on a slightly different vibration, this allowing for our loved ones in light to link with someone who is attuned to their specific vibrational level. If you attend a local Spiritualist meeting please try to have an open-mind. Gaining the communication and ultimate proof you desire can be initially easier for the more developed loved ones who are in light: they may find it easier to open the portal of light, so through time the link is gradually opened and built. Incidentally, the link I mention is developed through ‘love’ in its purest sense. Love is the great energy of all things and the bond between the Two-Worlds. Love is the channel in which all of our loved ones embrace, allowing them to pass the great news – that life is eternal in the kingdom of light, peace and eternity.

Again, may I say how sorry I am about your personal tragedy regarding your daughter Olivia? I wish I could invoke a thought to take away your pain. But I can assure you that since the dawn of time, there have been people with the gift of communicating with the World of Light. You mention Edinburgh the capital city of Scotland. If you live in the vicinity, may I suggest that you visit Portobello Spiritualist Church 20a Bath Street in Edinburgh? I know you would get great counselling and meet so many excellent mediums, not to mention, the President and members of the church.

May I wish you peace and that you gain the proof of the continuity of your daughter Olivia’s life in the world of light.

Showers of blessing – in Light and Peace Stephen

A Prayer for the Mourner

Silently I touch your cheek, as you wipe away a tear,

If you could only realise, dear heart, that I am still so near

If only I could lift the veil, before your very eyes,

Then you would know, eternal life is everybody’s prize

But, in your grief you cannot hear, in your sorrow, cannot see,

The light that tries to penetrate, the darkness of your misery

And so the thoughts I give to you, I give to you in love,

To help regain the shattered faith you’ve lost in him above

So dry your tears, mourn not for me and heed what has been said,

And know that I will wait in love, just one small step ahead.

Jack Corbett

International Spiritual Medium of Leicester - England 1910 - 1991

Received from his Spirit Guide - Allaphoona

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