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Re: sand reading
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 12 June 2011
In Response To: sand reading (nigel)

Hello Nigel

In the first instance thank you for your question. However, with your understanding of the Spiritualist National Union, I am surprised you didn’t ask this question at your local SNU Church.

I am a member of the SNU, being the marketing consultant for the East Midlands region in the UK, though my involvement is not in policies and procedures. As a result, I have asked a personal friend who is a Minister of the SNU. Indeed a person who has held the highest office, although, was unsure of what ‘hand-prints in sands’ actually involved. With consideration to the answer I give my reply accordingly as two-fold. First, may I point out many churches could have a differing interpretation about your question? My friend also advised me to communicate that the role of a SNU Medium is to follow the ‘Seven Principles’ laid out by the organisation. Additionally, to support evidence for the continuity of life is a primary function of the SNU. Perhaps I might suggest that you look towards gaining an appreciation of the massive difference which exists between spiritual and psychic development.

So my advice is: If the ‘hand-prints in sand’ is undertaken purely as an experiment, for the furtherance of research and/or investigation, you may ask either a local SNU Church or contact the Arthur Findlay College in Essex, perhaps a visit to: www.snu.org.uk may help you. Regarding making contact with a SNU Church/Centre, perhaps the easiest course of action is to ask them. Alternatively, there are other Spiritualist Associations throughout the United Kingdom, who may have a different perspective on the subject you broach.

Finally, from a personal perspective, I only conduct my work through spiritual mediumship. Yet, my father had his fortune read in ‘sand’ whist serving in the Royal Navy during World War Two. His ship docked in Bombay, now known as Mumbai in the Indian State of Maharashtra. Everything did come true, though the foretold date of his physical death was wrong, he was given the year 74, though he sadly passed over, when he was 47.

May I wish you well with your sand readings, which to me is another avenue, in the myriad of corridors of learning?

In Light and Peace


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