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Re: Accreditation
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 16 May 2011
In Response To: Accreditation (Medium)

Thank you for your question. I am often asked this or very similar questions. Today, there appears to be much difficulty in finding a spiritual teacher and mentor who has the essential skills for supporting others in their spiritual journey. Nevertheless, I feel that I must give a generic answer to your question. This is purely owing to the fact that I have no measurement at what point your spiritual unfoldement has reached, and what specific gifts you possess.

When I mention specifics, one can easily assess the gifts of mediumship in its many facets. Any teacher would need to establish your spiritual capacity. These include ability to grasp spiritual truths, philosophical complexities of mediumship, delivery, awareness, competence, divine knowledge of other people’s spirituality and of course your own motivation.

The final work ‘motivation’ is critical, owing to the balance of the ego. Today there are many who use the ‘self’ aspect of the ego for their own personal gain, thinking little of the reality of the gift, which is to give service. The true work of enlightened souls is the furtherance of Light, which is serve other people and humanity as a whole.

You mention accreditation; in truth you may be seeking spiritual accreditation through Christian, SNU or Independent Spiritualists. I am taking an assumptive perspective that you are thinking about the accreditation offered by the National Spiritualist Union in Great Britain. I am a SNU member, but do not take to this modern change from acceptance of truth to full-blown religion. You seek what you want. I am from a past time, where more tolerance was observed, and the majority of people accepted Spiritualism has a vehicle to ride through your spiritual experiences within this life. Therefore, if you are seeking accreditation, you may have to be flexible with you own views and interpretations of spiritual matters. I am not wholly against the religious slant. In my belief, spiritual knowledge cannot be placed into one box, there are many pathways, of which there is only one horizon. The horizon which I mention is our homecoming, once we have crossed into the World of Eternal Light and Peace - the ‘Golden Dawn’. Along your spiritual journey, you will meet those with differing ideas and concepts. Some views, you will find, are contrary, or opposite, of your own. These differences, within your own interpretation, give you the greatest opportunities to grasp the verity of all things, which become a composite of the whole truth.

May I suggest that if the SNU is your chosen vehicle for spiritual unfoldement - checkout www.snu.org.uk. Alternatively, look through www.spiritualistresources.com under "Organizations" or, just go through Google. There is much choice, depending upon where you see your gift, or most importantly, where your spiritual companions are guiding you. I always believe there is the necessity for having an open-mind - look at other beliefs, see what’s in common with your own thoughts, aspirations and hopes. All things come from the ‘centre’; however what the centre is is open to the individual's own interpretation. The reference to the ‘centre’ means - the centre of all things - God.

In conclusion, visit your local churches, or spiritual centres with an open-mind. You will hear many things - accept and reject and try to enjoy your journey. Try to remember, if you wish to attain mediumship, you have to possess a divine gift; a piece of paper doesn’t make you a medium. In the words of my spiritual teacher: “there is no short-cut to mediumship” it takes years, and years of effort, hard work and endeavour I believe the first lesson in mediumship is: “no matter what you do, you cannot do enough”. This is why we must work together – no one is better, or worse than another - we are all inter-linked.

In Peace and Light


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