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Re: A dream interpretation.
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 9 May 2011
In Response To: A dream interpretation. (Maryse)

Hello Maryse

Thank you for the question. However I am a little perplexed about what exactly you are asking me. Firstly, may I point out that my spiritual gift doesn’t really extend to dreams?

Nonetheless, there does seem to be confusion and uncertainties within your life at this moment in time. Perhaps the dreams you have are of significance. But to me the most important element of the dream you mention is the sight of your mother, comforting and embracing a dog and the communication you had. I take this to be a positive situation, possibly a reflection of the avenue of life you are on at the moment. The dream to me is positive. Dreams are many things to many people, but I see this as a part of our intercommunication between loved ones in the World of Light. If we were totally within the dream, and all things gave exact details of life and what we should do, then there would be no point in being in this life at all. This life is essential for the purpose of learning to gain spiritual balance and development.

You could have met a soul mate within the landscape of a dream, why not? Yet, one should imagine that there may be many soul-mates, each with separate characteristics that reflect the facets of our being. You also mention that you have never met such a person in this life. This may be because the dream is reflective of a spiritual encounter; wherein in this world, we meet people from a physical, material perspective. Regarding the numeric points you raised. Again, numerology is not within my spiritual work; it may have significance like star signs. But to me they are all directional by interpretation. Some people hold more relevance than others. I personally pay little attention, though that is purely a personal note, and should in no way distract you from the intrigue they may offer to you.

I have attached a foot note that might be of interest to you. I am also of the firm belief that a ‘soul-cell’, does exist, one which interacts with people from both worlds. But the importance is this life, the one we reside within at present. Those people who come to us all from the World of Light interact to support, guide and assist. But it is our own development and how we live and interact that is the most important. Why? Because we are here in the present to live the present, to look to the future and learn from our past.

My simple advice is, endeavour to live this life; this is the most important at the moment because you are in here and now. The future is another step; just allow your spirituality to become the fulcrum of balance in the physical world of now.

I wish you happiness and hope you gain harmony and concord.

In Light and peace - Stephen


A brief explanation of the Terminology - ‘Soul Mate’

Often one misinterprets the word 'soul-mate'. In reality, ‘we are all parts of a stupendous whole whose body nature and God is the soul’. This means that we are all interactive with each other; as such this short earthly experience is a great opportunity for the furtherance of the Soul-Cell.

The Soul-Cell is collective of likeminded people, working in both this world of earth and with those in light. The goal of the soul-cell is the furtherance of humanity, developed through a collective awareness, understanding and acceptance of the divine nature, set within the movement of life, in its totality. With this in mind, perhaps we should try to realise that we all interact and intercommunicate between ourselves; as such part of the divinity we often call God, or, the Great Creator. With some people, we interact with ease; but often are opposites, though trial and difficulty we can gain a greater spiritual understanding and appreciation of other people’s actions, whilst on this earthly path. Occasionally, there is a greater closeness, or with whom, we naturally shares deep feelings and attitudes. In these exceptional situations the essence of the relationship is akin to being Soul Mates, a special gift reflective of heavenly qualities. Spiritual Thoughts – Stephen Wakeling 2009

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