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Re: Please help :)
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 30 April 2011
In Response To: Please help :) (Sarah H)

Hello Sarah

What you describe is something that is not too uncommon. In the first instance, one should try to remember that all people have a spiritual capacity. In some it manifests either as a psychic, a spiritual medium, or even to become the proverbial doubting Thomas.

When one stops to think it's clear that the inter-communication between the Two-Worlds has been an occurrence since the dawn of time. My thoughts are that you are now starting to become more attuned to the vibration of interaction between the two-dimensions.

May I explain a little more? Like all of the questions I receive, I gave time for thought regarding my answer and suggestions to you. Many years ago, whilst I was in the Royal Navy, I gave a message to a lady whilst in Arbroath in Scotland, after telling her my family were from Romani origins. I take the view that we were all travellers at one time, so I take no stock of receiving special gifts because of our family links to Romani (Gypsies). Nevertheless, some four years transpired until we meet again, this time in England. The words and feelings I had picked up when we had previously met, had all come true, and the names were confirmed as accurate. Yes, a start! But, it took another decade and more, before I was to open my spiritual gift in earnest. In short, when the time is right, the spirit world will place you where you should be. Yet, not to forget, that though the gifts are Divine in nature, they are your gifts to use in tandem with your companions from Light! I often hear of people who say that you have to use the gift. I believe this is not the case, you are in this life to live and use your gifts as you see fit. If you want to unfold your spiritual gifts you have the right of choice and to do so when you feel the time and occasion is appropriate. One should remember that you are on the earth, as such, you have other responsibilities. The spiritual should be a balance of both energies of light and matter. This equilibrium is the most positive way to use any gift(s), and for you, your family and those you spiritually interact with, seeking to gain fulfilment, peace and happiness.

By studying your words, I am drawn to the fact there exists a little trepidation and possible fear. This apprehension is natural and positive. Fear is the biggest problem when opening the mind, and the facet of your mental plate whereupon the spirit works. My spiritual teacher always said: ‘Fear is a cancer that eats away at the heart of man’. It is because you need to embrace light, because light takes away all fear. People fear ‘darkness’, I have yet to meet anyone who fears ‘light’!

Sadly, fear is often amplified through all of this growth in ghost things one hears about. Because of this, one sees an increase in fear, this why there is a greater need to embraces light, thus seeking and gaining enlightenment. Enlightenment takes away the shadows of the mind and illumes the soul through knowledge.

My only suggestion would be this. If you feel that you are at that point in your life where you believe you are now ready to embark upon the unfoldement of your spiritual gifts, then look for a place to start! You will need a good teacher and mentor. Again, may I suggest you attend a spiritual centre or church and keep you mind open? Accept and reject the points you learn. Use your own judgement; teach yourself to attune the corridors of your mind. It will take time, patience and hard work. But, the rewards are of the highest. You will meet all sorts, including those who seek the gift of spirit for their own glorification and gratification. You will encounter those who purport to be greater than they are. It is hard to realise that not all who say they are spiritual indeed are. In the words of ‘Desiderata’ keep peace in your soul and strive to be happy.

I wish you peace, happiness and light


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