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Re: Development
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 24 April 2011
In Response To: Development (Jennie)

Hello Jennie

Thank you for your question about spiritual development. I believe there are two basic routes for you to go. Initially you may want to go to a spiritual meeting nearby to where you live. There may be a few, so it is best to look for one that best suits you. But I really do suggest that you look around. Some are becoming extremely religious, others branch off into different areas, a few may be of interest, others not. Perhaps, you may try searching the internet, or simply reading up on the subject. But, may I also suggest not too much reading, try to get an idea and use it within the faculty of your own mind, and work out its content, meaning and comprehension.

Reference the Psychic Attack scenario! It really does beggar belief, and amazes me at how much claptrap and twaddle is spoken about this subject. Much of this is from people who should not be in charge of any form of spiritual unfoldement. Use of such ridiculous terminology is naive and shows how little understanding the person has gained in spiritual enlightenment. If one opens the mind to light, then you will attract light, this will allow you to gain clear-thought. The benefits provide a reward far greater than anything in the physical world in which we are now residing.

Regarding you attending an Open-Circle, well the decision is purely yours. However, my thoughts go back to my spiritual teacher who always advised me to keep away from open-circles. The reason being you in early stages of your spiritual unfoldement, as such, you are ‘open’ to any conditions. Open-Circles are often presented by people with limited spiritual capacity, knowledge, or skills to teach such an intricate subject as spiritual unfoldement. The question about Psychic Attack is such an example. I would recommend a ‘closed-circle’, with an advanced teacher, one with common-sense, experience, credibility and patience. Such groups are rare I know, but they do exist. One suggestion would be either Stourbridge SNU Church, Union Street, Stourbridge, DY8 1PJ, or contact Gareth Edwards at the Society of Society of Spiritual Friends, Holbrooks Community Centre, John Shelton Drive, Coventry, CV6 4P. You can email Gareth on the contact page of his website at: www.ssfcoventry.com

May I wish you every success in your spiritual endeavours.

In Light and Peace


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