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Re: opening the mind
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 23 April 2011
In Response To: opening the mind (Ian)

Hello Ian

Thank you for your question. In the first instance, may I say that everyone is gifted, each of us, in different ways. When you mention sensing things, this indicates a natural awareness of spiritual matter, which is often prevalent in young children.

You mention your partner receiving a message from cards being read. At this point it may be best to mention there is a stark difference between a psychic and a spiritual medium. Why I mention this is because spiritual mediums have a very refined gift, which in essence allows for an intellectual communication with a life-force that exists beyond the physical. Use of cards, tarot, crystals etc are more in-line with using psychic gifts. I believe that none is more important than the other; an analogy may be the difference between a carpenter and a joiner - both work differently, yet still working with wood. Which gift you use, is respondent upon your divine gift and what suits you and that particular gift.

The mind is the key to all things, and through attunement, awareness and enlightenment we are capable of reaching the zenith of our own capacity. You mention becoming ‘fully developed’. Perhaps I might interject and say that no individual in this world of earth and matter can ever be fully developed. With your interest in development in its early stages, I am not surprised at your own techniques being unsuccessful. May I therefore suggest that you initially do one of two things? Firstly, try to get to a spiritual meeting within the proximity of where you live. It may not best suit you, but look around. Some are becoming very religious, others branch off into different areas, some may be of interest, others not. Secondly, perhaps try reading up on the subject. But, may I also suggest not too much reading. Try to get an idea and use it within the faculty of your own mind, and work out its content, meaning and comprehension.

On a personal level try to accept and reject information - if it fits your spiritual purpose, great; if not, push it away. In short, use common-sense. I know a person in the city where I live who has read every book he can lay his hands upon. The problem is that he has not worked upon his own interpretation of the subject, finishing up mixed, confused and limited in his own spiritual unfoldement. In simple terms, be selective, grasp good judgement, get a spiritual teacher (who fits with your aspirations), never stop developing and working upon your own divine gift(s).

In light,


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