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Re: soul mates
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 22 April 2011
In Response To: soul mates (phyllis)

Hello Phyllis

First of all it is a pity that you have waited so long to contact anyone, it must have been a very difficult time for both you and all of your family.

Personally with any tragic physical death as you refer to, there is an additional depth of sadness and doubt. Often people feel they could, or should have done more. The reality is different, because the movement of time is set in motion. In your case the loss is extremely tragic and harrowing, the circumstance leaving you and your family with the consequences of both inner and outer emotional disconcert and sadness. I believe there is nothing that you could have done, other than support with love, care and positive thought.

Perhaps it may help if you try to look at the suicide from a spiritual perspective? I liken the mind, to a finely balance mechanism, similar to a clock, or a delicate time-piece. Just one slightly upset can evoke the whole mechanism to move out of synchronisation, in short off-balance. With loved ones, this predicament within the stability of the mind is made more difficult when placed into the arms of a close loved-one, like yourself.

You mention your happiness; this is the foundation of what you have built with your husband and your family. This foundation, platform, is for the future and those happy moments you spent together is the spark that will always keep the light of true-love alive. The love you also speak about is the link that unites you and your loved ones. Once any person leaves this earthy life, they are met immediately by a host of loving people, who care and help them through the portal of light and out into the gardens of eternity. I am sure that the love will continue to transmit to you from the World of Light. The situation you mention about the children, how they miss him, the things he said, the upset to you all, and was his mind playing tricks: Again, these are not uncommon symptoms, within the complexities of the mind; a person will often say things out of context. Therefore, if I may suggest that you try to realise that the bond of love you have shared is the light for you all in the future. Take the happy thoughts, and try to gain peace, reassurance and comfort in the continuity of love, beyond the realms of matter, and out into the garden of eternity.

You thoughts are living things and those in Light will receive them and bond your love until you meet again in the World of Light and Beauty.

I have a small foot note* on Soul Mates I hope it helps you and your family.

With deepest compassion and thought

Showers of blessings



*Footnote: A brief explanation of the Terminology ‘Soul Mate’

Often one misinterprets the word 'soul-mate'. In reality, ‘we are all parts of a stupendous whole whose body, nature and God is the soul’. This means that we are all interactive with each other; as such this short earthly experience is a great opportunity for the furtherance of the Soul-Cell.

The Soul-Cell is collective of likeminded people, working in both this world of earth and with those in light. The goal of the soul-cell is the furtherance of humanity, developed through a collective awareness, understanding and acceptance of the divine nature, set within the movement of life, in its totality.

With this in mind, perhaps we should try to realise that we all interact and intercommunicate between ourselves; as such part of the divinity we often call God, or the Great Creator. With some people, we interact with ease; but often are are opposites, through trial and difficulty we can gain a greater spiritual understanding and appreciation of other people’s actions, whilst on this earthly path.

Occasionally there is a greater closeness, one with whom we naturally share deep feelings and attitudes. In these exceptional situations, the essence of the relationship is akin to being Soul Mates, a special gift reflective of heavenly qualities.

Stephen Wakeling 2009

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