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Re: fathers death
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 21 April 2011
In Response To: fathers death (Becky)

Hello Becky

I am very sorry to hear of the sad situation in which you find yourself in at the moment. When one speaks of mental illness, unless we are professionally qualified, or have wonderful supportive skills, we find many people have great difficulty with the problematic issues affecting the illness. Indeed, there are many more qualified people than myself, who are seeking to ascertain the gamut of difficulties associated with people who have mental problems. Likewise, the issues that are presented to close family, dependents and friends are very difficult and soul-searching.

From a spiritual perspective I see the mind, like a finely balanced mechanism, similar to a clock, or a delicate time-piece. One slight upset and the whole mechanism can be set out of synchronisation, in short: off balance. With loved ones, this predicament within the stability of the mind is made more difficult when placed into the arms of a close loved-one, like yourself.

On a personal level, though I have the gift of spiritual healing, I find that I do not possess the essential skills, similar to those needed in the case of your father. My eldest son works within the medical profession, a great gift. However, in the United Kingdom, support within the community can be, and in my opinion, is becoming, more difficult. Specialist support is needed, particularly within the world of mental health. Many people like yourself are placed into supporting these medical situations, people who don't have the capacity or the training to be of true benefit to the patient.

I am of the opinion you are a victim of an illness which you were unable to solve. There is no need to feel guilty, your compassion shows that you care for and love your father. I am sure that your father will understand one-hundred percent. Now, he will have received spiritual healing, be at peace, have met his loved ones and will send you bountiful thoughts of love and serenity. Over the years ahead, through the many experiences you will encounter, the love you have built with your father will sustain you until you meet again in the ‘Golden Light of Eternity’. On a final note: I am sure your father will have met other loved ones he has known in this life; now that he is embraced in total ‘light’, your positive thoughts will help him, as he moves forward, until you are reunited again in love!

Showers of Light and Blessing


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